What problems can be solved with AI

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we interact with business software, and business applications in particular. To maximise the use of AI, generative AI must first become a practically applicable solution. It is important to determine which problems we want to solve with generative AI.

What problems are experienced when we look at business software? Business applications require manual and repetitive processes and are not always designed for collaboration. New frameworks and technologies such as AI, design thinking, microservices and cloud applications can be a solution to these problems.

Personalisation of Applications

In order to personalise applications, it is first important to determine how employees use business apps for their work and within their IT environment. For example employees use shortcuts and workarounds, adapt data entry methods and use the applications from different devices.

Determining these behavioural patterns helps to understand the application scenarios for applications, which in turn provides tools for the use of generative AI. Consider customising drop-down menus based on user profiles, previous interactions, and common responses. But there are many more possibilities to use generative AI, such as detecting irregularities, providing smart recommendations and predicting input values.

What you ultimately want to achieve with the use of AI is a user experience that automatically adapts to the context. This makes it possible to automate routine tasks, so that professionals can work with more focus and use their skills for tasks where they make a difference. Also AI can also help make the right choices, by giving employees the right insights at the right time.

What problems can be solved with AI

What will change using AI

It is clear that AI will radically change business processes. Activities will also change as a result, which in turn will influence roles and functions within organisations. That is why it is important that employees know what the use of AI will mean for them. Not only for their career, but also for their daily tasks. It is also important that employees are aware of the (new) knowledge and skills that they need to use AI. We give you a few examples.

  • Data integrity is becoming extremely important. Organisations are susceptible to bias or flawed results if the AI application makes decisions based on incorrect data.
  • Privacy and information security – It is essential that companies ensure that they do not lose control of their data and that no business-critical information is exposed to cyber attacks.
  • Knowledge of the limitations of AI – Understanding the limitations of AI is important to understand what the technology can and cannot be used for.
  • Interpretation of the results – How exactly should employees interpret the answers provided by AI? Can they be considered truth? This is difficult without knowledge about how the AI application makes decisions.
  • Testing the AI results – It is important that someone within the organisation monitors the process. This person must verify the decisions of the AI application and ensure that it can be used safely.
  • Skills – It is crucial to map the human and technical skills within your organisation. Human skills such as asking questions, creativity and emotional intelligence are indispensable for the effective use of AI. Employees must also be prepared to work with AI and must be able to deal with changes. Only then will organisations be able to innovate and develop new strategies

AI and automation tools continue to develop. AI will become more common in the coming years and this will influence the development of bespoke business applications. It is essential that we do not lose sight of the end users. Their needs must be central to any innovative AI application.

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