Windows 7 End of Support – What you need to know

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7 from 14th January 2020. But what are the dangers if you continue to use Windows 7? And what are the consequences for organisations that sometimes still use Windows 7 on a large scale?

Windows 7 was launched in 2009 replacing Windows Vista. Windows 7 was a big success. Windows 8 never managed to match the popularity of Windows 7. It even took Windows 10 a while to overtake Windows 7 but managed this in January 2019. However even now the more than 10 year old operating system Windows 7 is still installed on around a quarter of all the Windows computers.

What happens now with Windows 7

Microsoft officially ended all support for Windows 7 on 14th January 2020. There will be no new updates for the operating system after this date. The current version of Windows 7 is the latest and last.

It has already been years ago that Microsoft introduced an update of Windows 7 with new features. More importantly now that support has been officially discontinued there will be no more security updates which can leave you at a risk if you continue to use Windows 7.

What are the risks of using Windows 7

The security updates protect any Windows users against possible cyber attacks. If an investigation or a hack reveals a breach of security in Windows, Microsoft will repair that breach as soon as possible with an update to prevent abuse. Because Microsoft has stopped providing any updates with Windows 7 you will become susceptible to newly discovered hacking methods, malware and other cyber attacks in the future.

However there is no current security threat. The support for Windows 7 has only just ceased on 14th January 2019 and computers will recently have been provided with the latest security updates. The chance that you are now vulnerable to multiple security breaches is still quite small. However the chance will grow as time goes on with hackers finding new ways to breach Windows 7 security.

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Windows 7 End of Support - What you need to know

What to do if your computer still uses Windows 7

If you want to keep secure you must upgrade. It is best to upgrade to Windows 10 which costs around £120 for a consumer. If you have an old computer Windows 10 may be too large for your current specifications. In that case you have to renew essential parts in your computer or even buy a completely new machine.

Windows 7 solutions for business

Some organisations and government agencies are still using Windows 7 on a large scale. Upgrading to Windows 10 is not always the best solution because sometimes they use software that only works Windows 7.

Microsoft has got a support plan for business  for Windows 7. The support for Windows 7 can be extended if required for a maximum of three years. However this service comes with a fee. The first year of support will cost around £20 per Windows 7 computer. In year two that price goes up to around £75 per computer. In year three it will cost around £150 per machine to keep updates for Windows 7.

After January 2023 this support will stop. At least that is what Microsoft is saying now. In recent years for example government organisations have paid hefty amounts to Microsoft to extend support for old Windows versions. It remains to be seen if similar deals can be made in the future.

Tech-Wales Windows Upgrade Services

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