Computer repair Business

There will be various computers and laptops on your business premises. But how do you know when your computer needs repair or even replacement? Tech-Wales gives you a couple of hints that something is wrong with your business computer or laptop.

Your business computer is running slow

Computers will be running more slowly as they are getting older. However it could also be a sing that your computer needs repair. A computer or laptop which starts running slow could be affected by failing software, a virus, overheating or a corrupted hard drive. It could even be that your computer is running slowly when starting up or starting software. But your computer can also become so slow that it takes time to simply click something with your mouse. All these signs could be an indication that your business computer or laptop needs repair.

Your business computer or laptop is running hot

A business computer running hot can be a sign that your computer is corrupted and can be the cause of damage as well. Computers have fans to blow out the hot air and draw in cool air to create a cooling system. However the vents being used to create the air flow can become clogged up with dust. This will cause components to overheat and damage your computer. This is mostly be the case with laptops as desktop computers have more space inside for the air flow. Signs of your computer over heating will be if your system shuts down on a regular basis to prevent the computer from over heating and if the fan is running too loud or running constantly.

Computer repair business

Blue screen of death

This is a common error for Windows. Windows will still be running but something has gone wrong. The blue screen will display a text and some code often suggesting you to restart your computer. If a computer restart fixes your business computer it could have been a minor issue for example some software didn’t start properly and it was a one off issue. If the blue screen keeps re-occurring it is a sign of a software or hardware problem that needs to be resolved. The blue screen will start to appear more frequently and your business computer or laptop needs to be repaired.

Computer making strange noises

Your computer has moving parts which makes noises which is completely normal. However if these noises get more loudly or making a screech or grind noise it is a sign that your business computer needs repair. Also the hard drive can start making clicking noises which can be an indication that your hard drive is faulty. If you hear these noises make sure to get your business laptop or desktop computer checked as one failing part can lead to other parts becoming faulty.

Computer keeps crashing and freezing

When your business computer is crashing, restarting automatically or freezing up it is a very clear sign that your computer needs to be repaired. The problem could be hardware or software related however it is clear that there is a major issue with your computer however it is usually fixable. Basically your computer is trying to tell you that something is wrong and it needs repair.

At Tech-Wales we are fully trained to repair your business computer or laptop. We offer competitive prices with great customer care. Feel free to check our business computer hardware services and any of our other IT consultancy services. Or give us a call on 01639 326001.