Prepare questionnaires with Microsoft Forms

Would you like to do research or create a survey? With Microsoft Forms you can do this quickly and easily. With Microsoft Forms you can create polls, quizzes, forms or surveys. Once the results have been received, they are displayed visually in a beautiful dashboard. You can export these results to Excel, from which you can analyse the data extensively. We would like to explain more about the advantages of Forms and the functionalities.

Many organisations are curious about how a certain event is experienced. For example: what did people really think of it? Or where can an organisation improve? Microsoft Forms is an ideal tool to measure this. You can get responses very quickly and easily by means of an online questionnaire. Such a questionnaire adapts to every type of screen, so that it is also very simple to complete from a mobile.

New form or new quiz

With a form you can give answers that are not right or wrong. Think of a customer satisfaction survey or a study into workflows within your organisation. With a quiz you can add answers and scores, which you can easily use for an online test.

You can add different questions to both options (form or quiz). Whether it’s choice questions, open questions or assessment questions, it’s all possible in Microsoft Forms.

Creating forms

Creating forms is quick and easy. In addition, you can easily move, make mandatory or copy a question. You can indicate the extra options and the question type. You can also add branches to a multiple choice question. When someone chooses answer C, he or she can be directly forwarded to the next predefined question. Photos and videos can also be added. You can adjust the layout to your own liking, which immediately makes the form a lot more attractive.

In a quiz you can indicate the correct answer and add a score. After creating the form or a quiz, you can share it. You can choose ‘Anyone can respond’, ‘Only people in my organisation can respond’, or ‘Certain people in my organisation can respond’. When you choose ‘Anyone can respond’, the answers are automatically anonymous.

Prepare questionnaires with Microsoft Forms

Sharing of forms

Now all you have to do is share the form. You can do this in different ways. For example, you can copy a link, which you can then share via different channels, but you can also easily retrieve a QR code, after which the recipient(s) have to scan the code to view the form. It is also possible to create an embed code, so that you can place the form on your own website. Of course it is also possible to distribute the link to the form via email or add it to a team in Teams.

When you integrate a form into Teams, you can choose to add an existing form or to create a new form. It is also possible to add a recurring form.

Analysing and interpreting outcomes

You can easily analyse and interpret the results of your research via Excel. Microsoft Forms has an integrated dashboard where you can see all results in real time. For example, on the dashboard you can see how many people have completed your form and how long it takes on average. A summary of all answers is visually represented by various charts and graphs.

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