How to get the most out of MS Teams

More and more organisations are using Microsoft Teams. MS Teams improves the collaboration within your organisation and enables hybrid working.

MS Teams makes it easier to talk to each other, share documents and have meetings. Tech-Wales has listed a few points that will ensure that you get the most out of Teams.

Prevent duplication

Before you set up a new team within Microsoft Teams, first check whether there is another team with the same subject and members. This is especially important when the self-service applications of Teams and Office 365 Groups are enabled, because the software does not check for duplicate team names.
A duplicate team name can cause confusion. One way to avoid duplicate names is to set an owner rating for all new groups or teams that are created.

Strong names

Make sure to give strong names to the created teams and groups, something more difficult to manage if you allow the self-service applications. Creating strong names within your organisation remains dependent on good communication.
Through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, you can improve this process to some extent by blocking certain words or allowing suffixes and prefixes that apply to all groups and team names.

Don’t forget to pair

It is important to pay close attention when creating a new group, which must be linked to an existing team. If you forget to link the group to a team, a new group will be automatically created with the same name as the existing group, but with a different ID number.

How to get the most out of MS Teams

Give each project its own team

Some users may be working on multiple projects within MS Teams. It is therefore important to ensure that each project has its own team. This makes it easier to find and organise documents.
This will become even more important in the future. Microsoft Teams is working on an update to allow external users to join a team.

Start with a few channels

It is useful to set up a few initial channels at the beginning, but don’t try to do everything right away. Each channel has its own files tab in the MS Teams document library.
Setting up a channel that remains empty for now adds to the number of tabs people have to search through to find documents. It is better to start with a few channels and add new channels as the project progresses.

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