How can Microsoft Priva help your business

Protecting privacy is a top priority for organisations and consumers alike and concerns about how personal information is handled are on the rise. Laws and regulations have global implications, governing how organisations must store personal information and giving people the right to control how their personal information is managed by an organisation. This is how Microsoft Prva can help your business.

To meet regulatory requirements and build customer trust, organisations must take a privacy by default stance. Instead of manual processes and a patchwork of tools, organisations need a comprehensive solution to address common challenges, such as:

  • Protecting the increasing amounts of unstructured data from privacy concerns caused by human error
  • Help employees adopt sound data handling practices and train them to identify and resolve issues
  • Understanding the potential risks in the amount and type of personal data they store and share
  • Handle requests from data subjects, or requests for data subject rights, efficiently and in a timely manner

Microsoft Priva helps your business overcome these challenges so that you can achieve your privacy goals.

How MS Priva can help you organisation

With MS Priva you can achieve the following:

  • Proactively identify and protect against privacy risks, such as unauthorised data storage, problematic data transfers, and over-sharing of personal information.
  • Understand how and where personal data is stored and moved.
  • Empowering your employees to make informed decisions about how they handle data.
  • Enabling users to efficiently manage their personal data and comply with changing privacy laws.
  • Efficiently manage requests for subject rights at scale.

MS Priva offers two solutions to meet your needs: Priva Privacy Risk Management and Priva Subject Rights Requests. Priva Privacy Risk Management provides insight into your organisation’s data and policy templates to mitigate risks.

MS Priva Subject Rights Requests provides automation and workflow tools to fulfil personal data requests. You can choose to use one of these solutions or combine both, depending on the needs of your business.

How can Microsoft Priva help your business

Search and visualise personal data

To understand your privacy settings, it’s important to understand what personal data your business stores in Microsoft 365, where it resides in the services you use, and under what terms it is controlled. MS Priva helps organisations automatically identify personal data and provides key analytics and insights to administrators to help them understand the privacy issues and associated risks within their organisation. The solution evaluates where personal data is stored in the organisation, how this data flows, and trends in personal data over time.

These insights are presented in the overview dashboard with automatic updates about your data and key trends, and the data profile that allows you to explore ongoing analytics. These insights help you understand privacy issues within your organisation and identify actions to resolve them.

Manage privacy risks at scale

Complex data environments can create potentially risky personal data scenarios. Priva Privacy Risk Management provides tools to detect these risks, establish remediation policies and processes, and immediately notify your users of issues and recommended actions. This way you can inform and educate your users, while empowering them to address risk mitigation with tools they use every day. This can create a lasting, positive change in your organisation’s privacy behavior.

Microsoft Priva offers customisable policy templates for the following scenarios:

  • Overexposed personal data: Identify open and overprivileged personal data in your organisation and prioritise recovery efforts to secure this data. Easily manage access rights to this data to protect privacy and prevent improper use.
  • Data Transfer: Detect and control the transfer of personal data between departments within your organisation or across country or regional borders. This can help reduce the risk of data exposure or non-compliance with privacy laws.
  • Data minimisation: Identify personal data that does not need to be stored and prioritise recovery efforts to remove it.

Once set up, you can continuously evaluate your data, receive alerts when policy matches are detected, and set up email notifications for your users about recommended remediation steps and training on best practices.

Efficiently comply with requests for personal data

Certain privacy regulations around the world allow individuals, known as data subjects, to submit requests to access or control personal data about themselves that companies have collected. For companies that store large amounts of unstructured information, finding the relevant data can be a formidable task.

Priva Subject Rights Requests gives you the ability to automate the fulfilment of data subject rights with easy access to relevant data and customisable workflows that fit into existing business processes. When you search for data related to an individual, our people rights request solution automatically collects data from across your Microsoft 365 environment and helps you review the findings and produce reports. You can securely collaborate with multiple people in your organisation to complete requests. You can also customise your workflows based on your business processes with built-in templates.

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