What you need to know about Windows 365

Microsoft’s Cloud PC service Windows 365 is now available. Your organisation is now able to register and take advantage of the remote Windows deployment.

The cloud-based Windows service streams the full Windows experience including apps, data and settings, to any device registered with Microsoft Cloud. With Windows 365, users can turn on their device, launch a native app or web browser, and log on to their Windows 365 account to access Cloud PC. There are a variety of packages available, at different pricing options.

Cloud Based Windows 365

Since the corona crisis, digital working has accelerated and cloud services play a major role in this. Well-known suites such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have become indispensable, as have of course meeting apps such as Zoom and Teams. And then we haven’t even mentioned the many storage services such as OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive. Yet our operating system still runs on a physical computer. This is applicable for Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS.

The arrival of Windows 365 should change this. With Windows 365 you can run Windows 10 and also Windows 11 in the cloud, from Microsoft servers. It turns your own Windows computer into a cloud PC. You will also be able to use Windows through your iPad and Mac browsers.

The advantage of this is that you can also open and edit the operating system, and therefore all apps and documents, on your smartphone, tablet or other devices. You basically stream the programs and applications. The disadvantage is that you always need an internet connection to work on the cloud PC.

What you need to know about Windows 365

Windows 365 for your business

Windows 365 is especially interesting for business use. You can then log in from home on a PC that is at the office. This works via your web browser but this can also be done via Microsoft’s special Remote Desktop app. Windows 365 can also be a solution for freelancers.

The service has since appeared and is currently only aimed at business users. Each user has to pay each month to be able to use the functionality of Windows 365.

Microsoft has given an initial indication of the costs around £26 per month (excl. VAT) per user based on 128GB of storage and 4GB of memory. This configuration will be of particular interest to medium-sized companies with fewer than 300 employees.

For small users there is a configuration of 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage at a cost of around £17 per user per month (excl. VAT), for large users 32GB of memory and 512GB of storage costing around £135 per user per month (excl. VAT). These costs exclude the costs for other Microsoft licenses. These prices are only an indication and are being charged by Microsoft.

Tech-Wales for your business

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