Advantages of using a VPN

The COVID-19 infection rates are going down and many people are allowed to go back to work. Yet many employees have embraced working from home. Many companies are now looking at a hybrid work environment, so partly at home and partly at the office. But how can you as a company ensure that all employees can safely enter the work environment at home? A VPN is the ideal solution for that.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. By using a VPN, all your data traffic is redirected to a VPN server. This server ensures that all your data is locked and that makes it is extra difficult for outsiders to access this data.

It works like this: you search for something on the internet, as soon as the data leaves your device, the encryption starts, this data is forwarded to the VPN server and there the data is decrypted. Only when all data has been decoded will you be forwarded to the internet page. This way there is no direct connection between your device and the website. As a result, all your data is exchanged securely without anyone being able to watch from outside. Only the people you give access to can view this data, otherwise it is not visible to anyone.

Advantages of using a VPN

Extra privacy using VPN

The biggest advantage of a VPN is the extra privacy you get online. As explained earlier, the first link between you and the internet page is not present. This allows you to surf the internet without any feedback being created between you and the pages you visit. As a result, parties such as internet providers, governments and other organisations cannot see your browsing. This makes it harder for them to paint a picture of you. You’re much harder for businesses to target, so you get a lot less of those annoying advertisements.

Another big advantage of a VPN is that your IP address is not visible. As a result, your exact location will never be visible to third parties. This function is used, for example, by journalists in countries with limited press freedom. This allows them to do their research and place the articles online, without interference from authorities.

Other advantages of VPN for your business

A secure internet connection, extra privacy, and location security are all benefits of a VPN. But for businesses, there are still a number of benefits of using a VPN.

Firstly, a VPN is extremely suitable for hybrid working. So a situation where all employees in all possible locations must have access to the corporate environment. This must of course be done safely and without interference from parties that are not involved in your business operations.

By providing the business environment with a VPN, only the people you give access to can work in this environment. This is due to the additional authentication required to use a VPN server. As a result, hackers have no chance to enter the corporate environment and steal sensitive information.

Secondly, the company environment is also secured when one of your employees starts working on a public Wi-Fi network. This allows everyone in the company to work securely on any network without having to worry that third parties are watching your business.

The last major benefit of a VPN for a business is the ability to use a VPN as a second-degree security. When a website is less well built or local files are less secure, the VPN prevents them from being easily accessed. Here, therefore, access is automatically blocked when someone tries to enter the network. Without a VPN, these things are easier to access and abuse by third parties. So, especially for business, a VPN offers even more security and security.

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