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IT Services

IT Consultancy Services | Business Computer Support Services

We pride ourselves on our range of focused business IT consultancy services and computer support services to our customers. We focus solely on business IT consultancy services and work with a variety of trusted partners for other support services such as telecoms / printing solutions. We provide our business IT consultancy services all over the UK, Wales and in South Wales in places like Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Llanelli and Carmarthen. We also offer our computer support services in England in places like Bristol and Birmingham. Also see our cloud computing services.

Please select from the list below the Business IT Consultancy services that you wish to get more information about:

Business IT Support

We offer a wide range of Business IT Support services with flexibility to suit your business and make your computer system work for you to save you time and money. We offer pay-as-you-go IT support plans but also monthly IT support contracts.

Business IT Consultancy Services

Business IT Consultancy Services

Cyber Security Services

At Tech-Wales we are proud to offer a range of online protection products and cyber security services that can help to keep your organisation safe against attacks from hacking, malware, email spoofing and general online protection. We can review your existing IT security against the latest standards and even help you along your journey to Cyber Essentials accreditation and help you protect your company from cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Computer Hardware Support Services

Our computer support services will enable you to easily switch to the latest computer hardware configured to your business needs. At Tech-Wales we can help you choose, configure and setup your new office laptops, PCs or tablets. We will transfer all your valuable data to your new computer equipment for a secure and worry free computer hardware and software update.

Office PC Network Solutions

Office PC Network Solutions

Data Recovery Services

At Tech-Wales our data recovery service will help you to recover your data in the event of a corrupted hard drive or any other computer failure. We examine your drive free of charge and give you an estimate of the costs involved to recover your valuable data.

data recovery, backup solutions & software development

Data recovery, backup solutions & software development

Backup Solutions

We offer a wide range of backup solutions suited for your business. We have flexible backup solutions to ensure a tailor made backup system for you. We offer cloud backup solutions but also on-site backup solutions for large amounts of data.

SharePoint Services

Tech-Wales SharePoint Services will make your business and staff work much more efficiently. We provide SharePoint Services for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online subscription or a Windows Server. Check out all of our SharePoint Services and start running your company efficiently.

Software Development

At Tech-Wales we offer all sorts of software development to make you the application you need to efficiently run your business. From Excel spreadsheets to Access databases to advanced custom software applications we can deliver a cost effective software development solution.

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