Five major IT security risks for your business (part 2)

IT security is a hot item in the news recently. It is important that you protect all your valuable data and documents from hackers. At Tech-Wales we provide security cyber security services and online protection services to protect your computers from malicious attackers. However you and your staff will need to be aware how to be IT security trained in order to prevent attackers tricking you in providing them access.

This week our second part of our five part series about IT security about password phishing. Make sure to read part one about malware via social engineering as well.

IT security issues - Password Phishing

Password Phishing

These are attacks which try to get a persons password and sometimes also their username. About 60% to 70% of all e-mail is spam and a lot of those are phishing e-mails. These are pretending to be from your bank, broadband provider or any other company. They try to make you click a link which will take you to a fake website to get your login details. Some of these e-mails even try to warn you for fraudulent e-mails! Nowadays there are very good spam blocker software packages however there will always be some spam e-mails coming through to your inbox.

The solution to prevent falling victim of password phishing is to never click a link from an e-mail even when it looks very authentic. Always simply use the browser to go to the website of the company and check your account and check if the e-mail was genuine. Also try to use different login details for every account you have online. Otherwise should you fall victim to password phishing the hackers have your login details from all your accounts online.

If you are not sure about your IT and internet security do not hesitate to contact us.

Next week part 3 which will be about unpatched software.