Landline phone still essential for business

Whether you work at home, in the office or on the road with the current IT facilities you can always do your job regardless of your location. By integrating your mobile phone with your landline business phone you can also be reached anywhere, anytime. However is it worth still paying for a landline if you are out a lot? Why not switch your your business landline completely to a mobile phone system?

It is possible with modern business landline systems to integrate your mobile phones with your landline system. The customer does not even notice that you answer with your mobile phone. Even if you dial out with your mobile phone the customer will only see your landline number.

You can do a lot with your mobile phone these days. Then why would you not discontinue your business landline when you always have your cell phone with you? This is a question that many businesses probably ask themselves. However is it cheaper in all cases without  landline and what about customers being able to contact you?

Costs of Business Landline

The number of business landline phone systems sold in the UK in the past year has risen compared to a year earlier. With VoIP phone systems you can keep the price of a landline system down. With a VoIP phone system you can not only make calls from your desk handset but also from your mobile and even your computer. You will be able to use all functionality of your business VoIP system wherever you are.


If you choose to only use mobile telephony you automatically exclude the use a landline number. A mobile number is a lot less professional than a landline number. Another reason why you should have a landline is that a mobile phone can be stolen or lost and the battery can run out making you no longer available to your customers or staff. You don’t have any of these problems with a landline.

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Landline phone still essential for business

Consumers hardly use a fixed line anymore. However landline telephone use for the business remains stable. The reason for always being available applies more to companies than to consumers. If you are not available to customers as a company this can cost a lot of business and money. If the customer can’t get hold of you the customer will simply go to the competitor.

Tech-Wales Business Phone Solutions

At Tech-Wales we can provide your business with a phone landline system. We are experts in VoIP phone using 3CX business phone system to support your business and make you easy to reach for your customers. We also pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your business landline phone system,