What are the IT trends for 2021

On a business and personal level these are challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IT however can be the perfect solution to help you function normally and continue to work and interact. What will be the IT trends of 2021 and what can we look forward to in the fast changing world of IT. Tech-Wales will give you an overview of the most important IT trends of 2021.

Agile working in the Cloud

COVID-19 has made the cloud IT infrastructure more important than ever. The number of home workers has increased significantly in a relatively short time. The result is an increasing demand for flexible IT cloud solutions. It is therefore expected that agile working (from home) by employers and employees will continue to be embraced in 2021.

We are no longer endlessly stuck in traffic, but work together from home on files and meet via Teams. Many organisations see that productivity and efficiency have actually only increased further. Does your organisation already benefit from all the benefits of working independently in the cloud? Tech-Wales can help your organisation improve your cloud infrastructure to improve agile working and save your organisation time and money.

Cyber Security

We have written several blogs about cyber security and beyond 2021 cyber security will always be an IT trend and should be high on the IT agenda of your business. When we work in a more flexibly way in business, the importance of cybersecurity increases. Who has access to which data on which device and how is it managed? Is everyone still working on the same secure network? These are questions you should think about. Cyber criminals are always developing new ways to attack your IT system and we are increasingly reading the ghost stories in the news about ransomware and other cyber threats that can pose a serious threat to your organisation. Again cyber security should be high on your priority list and at Tech-Wales we can help you make your business secure against cyber attacks.

What are the IT trends for 2021

Business Intelligence

Every day new data is created in your business. Many organisations find it difficult to map this growing amount of data – inside and outside the organisation – and to manage and analyse it effectively. Structure is essential to manage your data. The use of Business Intelligence solutions, such as Microsoft Power Platform, will help you with this. It helps you translate data into relevant insights that are important for your business. You can use this to make operational and strategic decisions.

Making Business Intelligence available to everyone, at every level within the organisation, helps your colleagues make better business decisions. A data-driven corporate culture will take your organisation to a higher level in the coming years.

5G mobile phone technology

We expect 2021 to be the year in which we reap the first real benefits from the 5G network and experience the benefits that are not available within the 4G network. 5G stands for a super-fast connection, much higher network uptime, capacity to connect as many as one million devices, more security and shorter communication response times. 5G is seen as the key to further innovation, smarter collaboration and far-reaching digitisation. At Tech-Wales we offer excellent telecom services to take advantages of all the latest telecom technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have seen AI recurring more and more in recent years. This is because Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving. We expect AI to become a more valuable tool by 2021. The amount of data we produce is growing every day. AI and Machine Learning independently analyse your data to discover certain patterns. Devices learn to recognise and perhaps take over tasks. Everything to make your life and working day easier. Microsoft is one of the players that is strongly committed to AI when it comes to smart applications for business.