What is Microsoft Edge for Business

In 2023 Microsoft announced the MS Edge for Business browser. This is not a new browser, but an option for the Edge browser that is automatically enabled for business users. Not much will change and users will be able to continue using the browser as they are used to. In this blog Tech-Wales explains what Edge for business is.

When users are signed in with a Microsoft business account in MS Edge, they will notice that a new label now appears at the top left of the screen. This label contains a profile icon or a profile photo, along with the word “Work”.

This label also acts directly as a button that allows users to easily switch between different profiles. Each profile contains its own settings, favourites, login details and cookies. This makes it easy to switch between a business and personal browser window, or between business accounts from different organisations.

With MS Edge for Business it is also possible to set certain websites as personal. When one of these defined websites is opened, the browser automatically switches to the appropriate profile, keeping work and private activities separate.

What is Microsoft Edge for Business

MS Edge for Business Management

MS Edge for Business also brings new possibilities for management. MS Edge can still be managed via so-called administrative templates and group policies, but this new version also makes it possible to create policies within Microsoft 365 itself. This makes it possible for companies that do not have their own Active Directory domain to gain more control over the browsers used.

This management is called Microsoft Edge Management Service. Policy rules can be set via this dashboard. At the moment, the options are still quite limited and mainly focused on extensions. You can set which extensions can be installed and which components and sites have access to these extensions.

Microsoft has announced that it will add more features to this browser in the future. This will make it possible to apply the company’s branding to the browser and set more extensive policies via the management service.

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