Myths About the Cloud

Even in 2019 there are still myths about cloud computing that stand in the way of the development of companies and organisations. These myths can hinder the IT development of any business. Does your organisation make optimal use of the cloud? If not there these are the myths here that stand in the way of the cloud.

Moving to the cloud automatically saves money

Moving to the cloud often saves money but only when carefully planned. The cloud can be more cost effective but cloud migration and a strong cloud-based business require upgrades and work on an organisation’s applications and hardware to take full advantage of these savings.

Also it depends what sort of cloud service you are using. Is it a pay-as-you go model or paying a fixed amount per month. It is important to eliminate what parts of the cloud you are not using and save costs. However costs are just one of the things to take into account when moving to the cloud. The cloud can be more expensive than on premise IT solutions however the cloud can be grown very quickly and that way justifying the investment.

The cloud is still not secure

This is one of the biggest and most persistent cloud myths. Cloud providers take security extremely seriously these days. Cloud providers are subject to countless regulatory authorities and compliance requirements. Cloud providers have dozens of different security frameworks and controls in place. Much more than your company uses in its own facilities. Data in the cloud is probably more secure than in the data centers of the average company.

A reputable service provider will encrypt all data, both during transport and at rest, whereby only the customer has access to the encryption keys. Also the connection to the cloud via special private lines, instead of via the public internet, not only improves performance but also enhances security. A cloud management platform should also be based on a set of security standards and best practices in the field of security, including the full range of controls needed to create a secure environment.

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Myths about the cloud

The transition to the cloud is quick and easy

Moving to the cloud without spending a lot of time and effort carefully building a cloud strategy is inefficient and risky. Whether a company is already using the cloud or is just ready to begin the cloud transition, any company needs to think about building a cloud ready foundation.

A cloud transition strategy should include descriptions of guiding principles, required skills, necessary organisational changes, supervisory responsibilities and technology architecture that ensure efficient transition to the cloud and successful operation of the cloud. Without successful migration and operation of systems, the benefits of the cloud, namely controlled costs and a more responsive infrastructure, cannot be realised. If your organisation has the right plan and laid the right foundation, you can proactively approach cloud migration and operation on the terms of your organisation.

The cloud is a job destroyer in IT

When a business moves to the cloud the IT administrator does not automatically lose his or her job. In most cases the switch changes the role of the manager to a trusted adviser and facilitator of technical solutions. While the cloud provider can manage network and data center security, customers are still in the responsible for managing their own logical access.

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