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Compromised BusinessTwitter Account? Regain Control.

Over the past week we’ve had a number of “Direct Messages” (or DMs) via Twitter with text such as

“you even see them taping u her… thats awful”


“rofl they was taping you…

As always if you receive unexpected messages such as these then our advice is as always to proceed with extreme caution and delete the message. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!

If you do however fall victim to one of these, what can you do about it in order to regain control? Although details on this particular hack are still sketchy, below are some step-by-step instructions to check the applications that you have authorised in twitter to access your account. These instructions are good practice to do from time-to-time anyhow on both your twitter and facebook accounts.

  1. Sign in to Twitter. Click your username (top-right) and choose the “Settings” option. Then click the “Password” tab, input your current password and then choose and confirm a new password and click “Change.”
  2. Select the “Applications” tab and scroll through the list of application you’ve enabled in your Twitter account. Choose the “Revoke Access” button cludenext to any applications you don’t recognize.
  3. Create a new tweet that informs followers that you have recently been hacked and not to open any strange messages that recently came from your account, as this infects their accounts as well. Inform them, however, that you removed the virus and your account is now clean.

Let us know the applications you find and we’ll update this post.

If you need help with this or any other IT related issues please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Other messages include

  • Hello some person is making very bad rumors about you…
  • Hello this user is making really bad things about you…
  • Hello some person is posting nasty things about you…
  • Hi someone is saying horrible things about you…
  • Hey somebody is posting terrible rumors about you…
  • Hi someone is posting really bad things about you..
  • Hello somebody is posting horrible things about you…
  • rofl…OMG I’m laughing so hard at this picture of u someone uploaded

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