Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for your Business

Sophisticated cyberattacks are a problem of all times for any business. Large and small organisations from all sectors are today overwhelmed with urgent security tasks. Especially now that a lot of organisation work hybrid, the integration of the right security measures is essential. To find out exactly which measures these are, you must first become aware of the potential security risks in your business. You can then draw up an adequate action plan. Tech-Wales gives you an overview of the top 5 security risks for your business.

Lack of understanding of cyber security priorities

It is difficult to have every section of your IT infrastructure highly protected. Make sure that you are aware of the areas which are likely to be a target of cyber crime. Assess your organisation data and IT infrastructure first, then choose the most valuable data and sections that are most at risk. That’s smarter than trying to protect everything at once.

Insufficient cyber security consistency in your organisation

Cyber attacks on companies are not only becoming more common, they are also causing more and more damage. And it’s not enough to have the right cybersecurity tools in-house, because often your employees themselves are the weakest link. A good cybersecurity policy must therefore also be well communicated, understood and adhered to in the workplace.

Cybersecurity training should cover the basics of cybersecurity, the types of risks, the mitigation of risks and the appropriate actions to mitigate during potential attacks. The better trained and informed your staff is, the greater their contribution to security can be.

Lack of external devices policy

Since the rise of the bring your own device trend and hybrid working, organisations have less control over the devices that connect to their network or access their data. This poses a significant risk, as employee devices may not have adequate security.

If organisations choose to allow remote devices, security policies such as password protection can be put in place. It is also essential to implement tools that provide insight into the devices accessing the network. And so are tools that detect and fix the security vulnerabilities caused by these devices. Segmenting the network and setting automated rules for remote devices can also improve security.

Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for your Business

No basic cyber security

Most cyberattacks target less than a dozen common system vulnerabilities. Hackers usually don’t have to look far, because security is generally not up to scratch. Quite a shame, because most weak spots in systems are easy to fix. Simply patching and updating systems is a good first step; using layered security solutions and keeping them up to date is a close second. Don’t rely solely on antivirus tools, increase your company’s protection exponentially by adding data encryption.

No recovery plan

What will your business do when you fall victim to a cyber attack? Then a formal incident response plan helps to limit the damage. A good security solution can detect threats at an early stage and then better isolate and manage them. However, if something is missed, a recovery plan is vital to reduce response time and get back to business faster.

Tech-Wales Cyber Security

To adequately secure your organisation, it is important that you understand the different types of risks it can be exposed to. Understanding the threat areas, creating a sound telecommuting policy and remediation plan, as well as investing in a strong cybersecurity solution are useful ways to protect your organisation against cybercriminals.

At Tech-Wales we offer excellent cyber security services and cyber security consulting for your business. Also have a look at  disaster recovery services. Do not leave your cyber security to chance and contact us today!