New Windows 10 Features

The latest new version of Windows 10 is expected around April 2020. This spring edition now is the annual update containing all the major innovations and new features.

The development of the next version of Windows 10 is still being developed. IT people and other users can have a preview what is in the new Windows 10 version which will be officially released in April or May 2020. This preview was released recently and offers some interesting functionalities that Microsoft is planning to integrate into Windows 10.

Windows 10 – Windows Update

One of the innovations which will be new is Windows Update. Microsoft is currently testing driver updates through the Windows Update system so that users no longer have to update the drivers in separate places, such as in Device Manager. Users can then choose to install such optional updates in Windows Update if  and when they are available.

Windows 10 – User Settings

The settings for family and other users are also easier to use and set up. Users who install Windows 10 will be asked who will use the computer for example “just me” or “a family member”. You can adjust the settings for example by activating content restrictions or time limits. This can be very useful when a child starts will be using the PC as well and give syou additional options to keep your children safe online. This functionality only comes with a full installation of Windows 10 and not if you are upgrading from a previous version.

Windows 10 and your smart phone

The app Your Phone is nowadays standard on Windows 10. With this app you can connect your Windows 10 PC to an Android smartphone or iPhone. You must install the same app on your device. That app communicates with your PC. Until now the functionality was limited and you could read and send text messages and display photos.

But with the new version of the app Your Phone you can also call via your iPhone or Android device without using your smart phone. The new application is being rolled out to Windows 10 users in phases and when you do finally have the new version you can do the following:

  • Answer incoming calls from your smartphone directly on the PC
  • Make phone calls via the PC
  • Reject incoming calls and / or forward them to voicemail
  • Open the contact list on your PC make a call or send a text message
  • By clicking a telephone number on a site or in an app the PC can start a phone call

Windows 10 will be focusing even more on the connection with the smartphone. Until now you could only see the 25 most recent photos from your smartphone on the computer in the app. That number has now been increased considerably to 2000 photos. And according to Microsoft more photos of your smartphone will be shown on the Windows PC in the future.

Another improvement is the pen input. You can now input with the stylus on your Windows 10 tablet, hybrid or anything else with a sensitive touch screen to smartphones that support similar features. This is currently primarily an interesting feature for people who own a Samsung Galaxy. The Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A30s and Galaxy A90 5G are supported.

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