Two Factor Authentication for Office 365

Two Factor Authentication is getting more and more used especially after recent hacking scandals in the media recently. To protect yourself from from hackers this is one of the best ways to protect your business and personal e-mails. Two Factor Authentication does not only protect your e-mails but also your valuable documents stored in the cloud.

Nowadays most companies and persons work from the cloud. This means you can access your e-mails and documents from any location. It could possibly also mean hackers got access to all your e-mails and documents should they acquire your log in details. To prevent this Two Factor Authentication gives you the perfect protection.

Two Factor Authentication is a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity by utilizing something they know (password) and a second factor other than something they have or something they are. So instead of just a password and username the user has to identify through a code sent via for example SMS or an app. So even if the hacker knows the password and username they still won’t be able to log into the account.

Two Factor Authentication security is nowadays used by banks and for example Google. It is also used by Microsoft Office 365. We will provide you with some useful links which show you how to set up Two Factor Authentication in a few easy steps and protect your documents and e-mails in Office 365.

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Two factor authentication Office 365

Two Factor Authentication Office 365 with Microsoft Authenticator

The easiest way to set up Two Factor Authentication for Office 365 is by using Microsoft Authenticator app. After installation you will be having 2 step verification access to Office 365 by the simple click of a button.

In below Microsoft article they explain in clear and easy to follow steps:

Set up Microsoft Authenticator with Office 365

There are also some useful videos to watch on how to use Microsoft Authenticator.

Two Factor Authentication Office 365 Services

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