MS Teams Free users will need to switch

Microsoft Teams Free (Classic) will be retired on 12th April 2023. MS has announced the MS Teams (free) version, however this will not include a direct migration of your chats, files, teams and channels. This will force companies to do it manually or resort to the paid Teams Essentials tier. Another option is Microsoft 365 for Business.

What is happening with the MS Teams Free switch

Microsoft’s move to continually introduce different versions of products can be incredibly confusing, as in this recent case of Teams. According to Microsoft, it will soon discontinue its free legacy Teams app for businesses called Microsoft Teams Free (classic). It will then be replaced by a newer version called Microsoft Teams (free) which users can also use for free. Nevertheless, the minor name change shouldn’t be the main concern of Microsoft Teams Free (classic) now. As Microsoft explains on its announcement page, users of the legacy app will need to upgrade to the paid Teams Essential plan to maintain access to their data.

Companies that still want to use Teams for free can sign up for the new free version of Teams. However data is not retained (including data for existing channels, chats, and recurring meetings). This represents a huge inconvenience, especially for those companies that have huge amounts of data on the version they thought would be accessible for several years.

It’s unlikely to drive customers away from Teams to alternatives like Slack or Zoom. However it could prompt some companies to rethink their applications if they can’t justify paying for many services.

MS Teams Free users will need to switch

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