Increase in cyber attacks boosting security skills IT teams

At Tech-Wales we have often written about the need to increase security awareness. A recent study shows that an increase in cyberattacks such as ransomware during COVID-19 has boosted the security skills of most IT teams. This is despite there is an increasing trend of cyberattacks targeting organisations in 2020. So you could say that an increase in cyber attacks is boosting IT security skills. How does this work?

Opportunity to boost security skills

Research shows that the increased security challenges during the pandemic presented a unique opportunity for IT teams. Mainly to expand their security expertise. Some IT teams experienced an increase in cyber-attacks in addition to a heavier security workload. This combination forced IT Teams to strengthen their security skills and knowledge. Despite the increase of workload most IT teams surveyed said team morale increased over the course of 2020.

The past year has been an unprecedented year for IT teams around the world. IT professionals gave played an important role in helping organisations to keep running despite the restrictions and corona measures. For example they enabled educational institutions to offer online classes, stores to switch to online sales and a growing work force to work from home. Healthcare organisations were able to deliver digital services and care. They also ensured that government agencies could continue to provide essential services.

Many of these digital innovations had to set up in a relative short time span. Especially with limited resources and equipment available at the time, while IT teams faced a growing number of cyberattacks targeting the network, endpoints and employees. So to say it was probably quite stressful for most IT teams is an understatement.

Increase in cyber attacks boosting security skills IT teams

Boost cyber security with Artificial Intelligence

Above experiences of 2020 have increased ambitions among larger IT teams to incorporate the use of advanced tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) into future technology security strategies. Many organisations appear to have entered 2021 with plans to increase the size of both in-house and outsourced IT teams and embrace the potential of advanced tools and technologies.

Research shows that IT teams expect the number of in-house IT security staff to grow by 2023 and also expect the number of outsourced IT security staff to grow over the same time frame. AI will help more and more IT teams to deal with the growing number and complexity of threats. This could be partly due to the fact that cyberattacks today are too advanced for the internal IT team.

Tech-Wales Cyber Security

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