Introducing better MS 365 & OneDrive integration on ChromeOS

Google will soon introduce better MS 365 and OneDrive integration on ChromeOS. This means that Chromebook users will have better access to Microsoft services and products. Google wants to make it easier for Chromebook users to download Microsoft 365 and make access to OneDrive better. Google has not announced an exact date as yet when this new integration will be launched however it is expected that this will be later this year. First this will be tested on Google development and beta programs.

Better MS 365 & OneDrive integration

There has always been friction between Google and Microsoft when it comes to collaboration. The new integration should take away the current friction in using Microsoft 365 and OneDrive on Chromebooks. Users of ChromeOS devices can currently download Microsoft’s Progressive Web App at Nevertheless, the promised integration points to more convenient app installation and access to their Chromebook files. The latter is achieved through a better connection between the Chromebook Files app and OneDrive.

It is a slight surprise that Google has introduced the new Microsoft 365 setup in its ChromeOS, as it also has the same cloud services that compete with Microsoft’s cloud services. However the move should make Chromebooks more attractive in the marketplace as more and more customers look for flexible devices and solutions. There will always be competition between Google and Microsoft however this is a step in the right direction.

Introducing better MS 365 & OneDrive integration on ChromeOS

Support for OneDrive

Users of Microsoft 365 and OneDrive software can use applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel on Chromebooks via the Progressive Web App. The integration should allow users to search for and access OneDrive files the same way they do local files, or files stored in their Google Drive account. The new application will be a convenient solution for people who use Google products at home and Microsoft applications at school or work.

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