Improving your sales and marketing process

In a growing organisation, it is impossible to keep working with leads and customers in spreadsheets for relationship management. This will take up a lot of valuable time. You will also notice that the more your business grows, so will error proneness and opportunities are missed. How can you improve your sales and marketing process?

To what extent is your business future-proof? It’s easy to ignore this question if you have a constant flow of new customers and sales keep growing. Maybe you are already into blogging, SEO on your website and social media posts to get more traffic to your website. But is this enough to attract new customers in 2025 and 2030? And will you be able to retain your current customers?

It is a fact that customer expectations change rapidly. These consequences extend beyond what we can now imagine. Every year we see disruption in various industries. Customers are becoming more critical and expect a more personalised service. It is important to keep up with new technological developments such as AI, machine learning and big data. Whether you are a small or larger organisation. If your process does not support these changes, you as a commercial team will struggle to provide a suitable customer experience.

Improving your sales and marketing process

Aim towards a better customer experience

To make your business future-proof, a fully digital lead-to-order process that revolves around the application of smart technology and automation is crucial. In the future, it will become increasingly difficult to convert the critical consumer into a customer in one go via an advertisement. Customer retention also requires a consistent, timely and relevant approach. With a digital process that uses automation, you streamline the manual, time-consuming tasks of your marketing and sales employees in the field of lead generation and customer loyalty. This way they can focus on what they do best, developing materials and selling products and services.

Automation also removes the risk of missing out on a customer due to a data entry error or the lack of a reminder. A digital lead-to-order process moves away from an outdated generation of collaboration and productivity tools. When a CRM adopts features like email and spreadsheets, it creates a one-truth environment, where this reliable data helps identify and act on opportunities faster.

A successful digital lead-to-order process is characterised by:

Know who and where your customer is

Based on data, you can paint a complete picture of who your customer is, what he does and how he communicates. You can then start conversations that touch on the right need, current pain and long-cherished wishes.

Apply marketing automation

Marketing is important not only to attract prospects, but also to maintain long-term relationships with your customers. By automating things like sending emails, posting social media messages and lead scoring, marketers can spend more time analysing data and developing smarter content and actions based on that.

Actions during the customer journey

If you have data about behaviour at a customer or prospect and have the tooling to respond to this behaviour, you can offer them content at the right time, invite them to an event or put them in touch with sales for cross or upsell opportunities . You will notice that the chance of success will be considerably greater.

Marketing and sales in a digital tandem

In many organisations there is often a fault line between the marketing and sales. You can remove this with an integrated lead-to-order process. Marketing automation and CRM ensure that you collect, analyse and take actions from a single system of relevant commercial data. This keeps customers and prospects involved throughout the entire cycle, from early and careful contact to the long-standing customer-supplier relationship. This way you ensure that there is a future-proof foundation to capitalise on opportunities and realise commercial ambitions.

Tech-Wales Sales Process Management System

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