Microsoft focusing on the business market

Microsoft is increasingly focusing on the business market. Even technologies that were primarily intended for the consumer market now seem to be developed for the business market. Like other tech companies Microsoft understands that profit margins are higher in the business market and companies are prepared to pay for subscriptions.

Project Kinect for Azure will come to market next year. Kinect was initially developed for the Microsoft game console the Xbox however will be available in the near future for the business market. The Kinect for Azure project combines the Kinect depth sensor with Azure AI services. This can help developers to create devices that work more precisely at the same time and use less energy.

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Microsoft moving more towards business market

Microsoft is going to set up artificial intelligence that is both active in the cloud and on users computers. The latter is done to still be able to give commands to appliances that are not connected to the cloud. One of the services that will make this possible is Custom Vision which will run on software called Azure IoT Edge.

Custom Vision will work together with Project Kinect for Azure. This technology is still in a development phase. Kinect once started as a standalone sensor bar for the Xbox 360. Later this technology was delivered with the Xbox One but that was not a great success and the technology was phased out. Kinect eventually ended up in the HoloLens but that device has not really found its way into the hearts of consumers.

Microsoft now focuses on the business market with Project Kinect for Azure. Kinect for Azure will be released as a sensor package that includes a depth camera and additional sensors. This technique can be used for tracking hand movements and for the mapping of spaces.

Microsoft says that Project Kinect for Azure will bring new scenarios for developers working with ambient intelligence. Microsoft also states that is unlikely Kinect will become a consumer product.

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