MS Teams new features

MS Teams usage has jumped up by 70% during the last few months. This is due to a lot of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. MS Teams has proved to be a very useful tool to work as a team when everyone is working from different locations. As it will be very likely that even when life returns to normal people will be working more from home and Microsoft Teams will still be an essential tool for any organisation. As per June 2020 there have been some new features added to MS Teams. We guide you through the most important new features.

MS Teams large gallery view

Interacting with your colleagues whilst actually seeing them makes a big difference. To facilitate this even with big meetings the large gallery view Teams grid has now been expanded to 7×7 which means you can interact with 49 participants on one screen.

MS Teams virtual breakout rooms

Breakout rooms allow the organisers of a meeting to split a Teams meeting into small groups for brainstorming, learning or discussions. Organisers can switch between these meetings by themselves or on request. These meetings can later be shared when everyone is back in the large group meeting. Breakout rooms will be delivered later this year.

MS Teams meetings participants limit increased to 300

Microsoft has increased the limit of participants in one meeting to 300. This gives you the opportunity to address all your employees in one meeting and save you time and expenses.

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MS Teams new features

PSTN participant phone numbers masked from external users

If you have Audio Conferencing enabled for Teams meetings PSTN participants phone numbers will be hidden to all users in the meeting who are from outside of your organisation. This feature will be included soon.

MS Teams safe call transfer

It will be much safer to transfer a call to another user. If the person the call has been transferred to does not answer the call will be returned to whoever transferred the call. This way the other person will not be disconnected. This can be very useful when dealing with clients or when a sale needs to be closed.

New features on MS Teams phones

People app enables you to organise your contacts by creating and managing contact groups.

Live captions to see real time captions in meetings. This function will be coming later this year.

With the Raise hand functionality you can let people know that you want to contribute to the meeting without interrupting the conversation.

Integration of lock and unlock with your PC and your Teams phone. This way if you lock your PC your Teams phone will be locked as well and vice versa. This improves security.

One click transfer to easily and quickly transfer calls to contacts with a single touch.

By the end of June 2020 Teams and Skype interoperability will be introduced. This means you will be able to receive audio and video calls from Skype through MS Teams phones.

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