Save time and money on business travel costs with Lync 2013

With Lync 2013, you don’t need to travel miles for a meeting. It’s collaborative abilities means both time and money on travel is saved. I can contact any of our staff whilst they’re out of the office, discussing a project through the video call feature and showing them any templates I’ve created through the desktop sharing element. As our team are almost always mobile, we find the Lync service indispensable.

You also have the ability to include five separate video streams within one conference (in HD), allowing you to pin your most wanted speakers to the ‘standing’ row in order to view the videos of people you most want to see!

When inviting people into a conference you can now tailor the invite by include your company logo and any useful links and the instant messaging feature has also been improved. Your conversations are now all within one window, so no more searching between windows to find the conversation you want!

With Lync 2013, your desktop sharing, audio/video and PowerPoint are all browser based, meaning you do not need to download any plugins to view anymore!

In fact, a customer of ours uses Lync to save themselves over a hundred pounds a month and to quadruple their productivity!Before using Lync, the company director would travel to Reading for a day followed by east London once a month. This would take up two days and would be a round trip of roughly 394 miles, costing them on average £118 in fuel. They now have weekly meetings with their regional sales managers via group conversations in Lync and find their business much more efficient.

For more information on Lync or any other features of Office 365, give us a call on 01639 326001!