Why backup internet connection is vital for your business

An internet connection is unmissable for all companies these days. Without an internet connection, carrying out your daily work or supporting the customer is not possible. That is why it is important to ensure your business has a backup internet connection. A backup internet connection means that the strong parts that ensure a stable internet connection are doubled. We give you three reasons why your organisation should opt for a backup internet connection.

Less internet downtime

Let’s start at the beginning. What is downtime? Downtime is the time when your IT infrastructure or part of it does not work. This can be due to a malfunction or defect of a certain IT system but can also be caused by performing updates, maintenance work and so on. Downtime causes your business not to run at full speed and is therefore a real obstacle to the performance of your business. A backup internet connection prevents downtime and ensures stability in the connection. This allows staff to always complete their task and any online service will perform properly.

Prepared for excavation damage

The increasing amount of cables underground also increase the risk of downtime or even total failure of the internet connection. More and more fiber optic cables are being laid in the ground. This excavation work can cause damage to the fiber optic cables. This type of damage will only increase in the coming years, which only increases the chance of failure at your organisation. With a backup internet connection you are prepared for this damage and possible failure of the internet connection.

Why backup internet connection is vital for your business

Backup internet connection

A dual internet connection ensures that if the connection drops or slows down for whatever reason, the backup will step in to keep the speed at the desired level. With a double internet connection, it is important that the extra connection is just as good as the primary connection, so with the same quality and the same bandwidth. With this application you will never be without an internet connection.

4G Fallback connection

A 4G fallback connection ensures that there is always a connection when the other connections are lost. This 4G backup consists of a managed 4G router linked to a data bundle with SIM card. The 4G backup is placed to the fiber optic connection as an additional main connection. When the fiber optic network is disrupted or fails, it automatically switches to the 4G connection. As a result, your company can always be reached, both by telephone and via the internet, and you can always continue to work.

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