Don’t lose that bright idea: Make the most of new cloud technology!

We’ve all had that moment when we are just about to drift off to sleep and something pops into our head, be it some sort of inspiration for a project or a task that needs prioritising. When Microsoft promoted Windows 8 as ‘gets to work before you do’, like many others I didn’t fully appreciate what it meant or how we could benefit, until I experienced the power of these three elements (Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 365) in collaboration a few nights ago.

To reach over and tap into my Nokia Lumia calendar a ‘To- do’ was so much easier than getting out of bed and scrambling around looking for some used envelope and fighting with a pen that doesn’t work.

The next morning when I got into work, I logged on to my Windows 8 PC and tapped on the outlook icon (which is linked to my Office 365 account) on my start screen as I normally do, and as it opened, the ‘To-do’ reminder that I had frantically tapped into my Nokia Lumia the night before appeared! Magic! Well, actually no… its new cloud technology and we can all benefit from these three giants in synchronisation!

cloud connected

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