Unique challenges of the multi cloud

The multicloud is growing in popularity. But the use of multiple cloud platforms yields its own unique challenges.

Cloud computing was originally intended to simplify IT through standardization, consolidation and centralisation. However current companies are moving into a more fragmented IT landscape in which an on-premise IT structure is combined with a variety of private and public cloud suppliers. Recent research has shown that almost one-third of organizations work with four or more public cloud providers.

More cloud choice more complexity

As organizations move to the multi cloud they face new challenges. Most striking is that IT admins notice that security, agility, performance and costs are difficult to manage across the different platforms. Sticking to consistent compliance, confidentiality and data segregation requires more time and money than ever.

To tackle these problems, companies need to work on a consistent policy in simplifying the cloud landscape, consolidating purchasing power and workloads, managing data and applications and enforcing tight security.

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Challenges of the multi cloud

Selecting the right multi cloud platform

Although multi cloud environments are quickly standardized it is important to be aware that each platform has various advantages and disadvantages. This it why it is essential to formulate a clear policy in advance with a decision tree that compares the needs against selected platforms in order to achieve a quick and problem-free migration.

Multi cloud network performance

In order to be able to run, migrate and scale cloud resources at any time it means that the solution must offer quality performance. Current day routing solutions require large computing resources to scale up to the number of tunnels that can keep them running at once which can lead to extreme costs.

Multi cloud cost control

Some cloud providers claim to offer cost-effective virtual machines but for network intensive applications the price of data transfers in and out of the cloud can quickly increase. Users are often not aware of the amount of data they use and how much it costs to deliver in the cloud. Whether it involves expanding an environment or setting up high performance storage for non-critical data it remains a challenge to manage costs effectively. Capacity planning and monitoring are essential tasks.

Multi cloud security issues

Whether it concerns access management, the repression of DoS attacks, web application firewalls or encryption cloud computing requires solid, cloud-based security. Because cloud providers offer various types of usage possibilities with various connection options there is a need for consistent security but also far reaching identity and access management, extensive logging capabilities and stringent monitoring and supervision.

Nowadays cloud customers got a world of choice for their cloud environment but that is accompanied by more complexity. Workloads and applications have complex architecture, storage, data management and network requirements – they can not simply be replaced, such as car parts.

Cloud platforms help organisations grow and manage their global infrastructure quickly and efficiently while capital expenditures are reduced and the user experience is improved. However when several cloud platforms come into play they can offer new unique challenges in terms of security, performance, agility and costs in combined use. Service providers who know how to unravel this complexity give themselves a serious advantage over the competition because cloud customers are awaiting it.

Multi cloud solutions – Multi cloud consulting

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