What Is Microsoft Teams Phone

The phone system within your organisation is more important than ever before. Employees are increasingly calling from different locations and are more mobile. This means your business needs a robust business phone network. Microsoft Teams Phone makes it possible to contact employees from any location. We will explain to you here exactly what Microsoft Teams Phone is.

What is a VoIP environment

To understand how Microsoft Teams Phone works exactly, it is important to know what a VoIP environment is. With a VoIP environment it is possible to make calls via an internet connection. With Microsoft Teams Phone, your business gets such a modern VoIP environment that can be configured completely according to your wishes.

Microsoft Teams Phone as a business VoIP environment

All VoIP solutions do the same thing. This means making your organisation available by telephone via an internet connection. The way in which this is done differs fundamentally. Not every VoIP solution is equally reliable and user-friendly. A VoIP solution can be implemented in different ways. That is why we are mainly talking about the differences between Microsoft Teams Phone and traditional VoIP solutions.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is a VoIP platform specially developed by Microsoft. The platform integrates seamlessly with the current Microsoft Teams environment and enables external calling. This means that there is only one central platform for all internal and external communication. Other VoIP solutions use other platforms, which means you miss central integration in the IT environment. To use Microsoft Teams Phone, you obviously need Microsoft Teams itself.

Microsoft Teams Phone is a reliable solution

Microsoft Teams Phone is actually an extension of the current Microsoft 365 platform. This means that as an organisation you get a robust solution. Microsoft pays great attention to data security and protection. Furthermore, the user-friendliness of Microsoft Teams Phone is very high. Microsoft Teams Phone integrates directly into an existing Microsoft Teams environment. This ensures that employees do not have to get used to a different environment. This makes it easier for employees to get started with Microsoft Teams Phone immediately.

What Is Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is a flexible solution

The big advantage of Microsoft Teams Phone is that the accessibility of the organisation increases enormously. Microsoft Teams Phone is a flexible solution and therefore fits well with all types of organisations. Every organisation works in a different way, which means that a telephony environment must be set up differently everywhere. Microsoft Teams Phone offers this flexibility and has various setting options.

Set up special options with Microsoft Teams Phone

Transferring to the right department is a thing of the past with Microsoft Teams Phone. With Microsoft Teams Phone it is possible to set up different options for incoming calls. These options help callers to immediately get the right person on the line. This saves time internally and helps callers to be helped more quickly. Colleagues can still manually refer incoming telephone calls, but through a selection menu, customers are helped more quickly and they reach the right department.

Create special groups for multiple employees

With Microsoft Teams Telephony it is possible to divide employees into different groups. This means that a group of employees can be reached via one central number. This option is also called a hunt group. A hunt group increases the accessibility of an organization, because several colleagues can immediately answer the phone. These hunt groups can be set up per department, after which colleagues can immediately register and unsubscribe from a group. Microsoft Teams automatically monitors your status, so you are not disturbed by telephone during a presentation.

How to use Microsoft Teams Telephony

Using Microsoft Teams Telephony is extremely simple. The Microsoft Teams application has a “call” button where a telephone number can be entered. You can then immediately make a call with a connected headset. It is also possible to make and record calls via the mobile Microsoft Teams app. This way you are optimally accessible even while on the road. The ease of use for end users is therefore very high, because the user threshold in Microsoft Teams Telephony is low. Users are already used to the Microsoft Teams environment and can therefore quickly get started with Microsoft Teams Telephony.

How can external persons reach the organisation

Microsoft Teams Phone creates different telephone numbers within the organisation. Every employee who uses Microsoft Teams Phone receives a direct number. This number makes it possible for external people to reach the right person directly. A global number can be set for each department, allowing a group of people to answer the incoming call (hunt group). Furthermore, it is possible for an organisation to have a general number with a selection menu. This way, customers calls are answered quickly and they get the right person on the phone.

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