Why your organisation should use MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the mail program that is included in Microsoft 365. This makes it a direct part of the modern workplace that is created with Microsoft 365. The advantage of MS Outlook is that all policy settings in the organisation are implemented. This makes management easier and ensures complete integration with the IT environment. In this blog we explain why your organisation should use MS Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an organisation’s collaboration hub and is part of the Microsoft 365 environment. The Microsoft Outlook calendar is synchronised with Microsoft Teams. Thanks to this synchronisation, employees can immediately see your availability in Microsoft Teams or in MS Outlook itself. By setting this availability, the behaviour of Microsoft Teams changes, so that you do not receive notifications during a presentation for example.

Microsoft Outlook is therefore an application that integrates directly into the modern workplace. It prevents you from scheduling duplicate appointments and helps you to work in a more structured way. In this way it becomes possible to work more efficiently within your organisation. Everyone immediately sees your availability and knows when you are working on something important.

Microsoft Outlook increases security within your organisation

Data security is extremely important. By using Microsoft Outlook, the security within your organisation is increased. This is because Microsoft Outlook uses the same security standards as Microsoft 365. Cyber criminals often strike via email, which is one of the easiest points of attack within an organisation.

Optimal protection is offered by using Microsoft Outlook in combination with Microsoft 365. It is important to combine the right products with each other. To effectively protect Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Defender for Business or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is required. These security packages enable your organisation to provide optimal protection for end users.

What protection options does Microsoft Outlook offer?

Microsoft Outlook uses the security functionality from Microsoft 365. It is therefore possible to provide additional protection for end users. In Microsoft Outlook it is possible to block malicious links, documents, attachments and other threats. These are checked for malicious data before it is allowed access to the work environment. This optimally protects users against cybercrime. Employees should be vigilant when opening email attachments, but human errors happen. With Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365, risks are limited as much as possible. In the event of a breach, immediate action is taken to protect your business.

Why your organisation should use MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to schedule appointments

It can be difficult within your organisations to schedule a meeting. By using Microsoft Outlook, employees can view each other’s calendars. This makes it possible to schedule appointments effectively. These agreements can take place physically, but also digitally. When scheduling an appointment, you can immediately choose to create a Microsoft Teams meeting. In this way, employees who work hybrid can easily join the meetings. Employees can thus effectively meet with each other or come together for a meeting in any way.

MS Outlook is an important part of the workplace

Microsoft Outlook is an important application that is part of the modern workplace. It helps employees to email in a secure way. The various security options protect end users and control the security of incoming emails. Complete integration with Microsoft 365 makes it easier for end users to share data and work more securely.

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