ICT Solutions for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME)

It can be difficult to balance your ICT budget as a small to medium size enterprise. This is one of the reasons why it has become a neglected topic for many SMEs. It is also difficult to make decisions in this area as a non-IT person. The often complicated technology plays an important role in this. Yet there is a lot to achieve with ICT in many areas within SMEs. Exploiting the opportunities that exist today ensure a more efficient business process, innovation and help to realise growth. We explain which ICT solutions are perfect for small to medium size enterprises (SME). More importantly which ICT solutions will save you time and money.

Save on your telephony costs with VoIP

A very popular ICT solution within SMEs is VoIP (Voice over IP). With VoIP you can make calls over the internet. In essence very simple; you already have an internet connection and you can also use this for your telephony via VoIP. With your own online telephone exchange you have a number of useful functionalities at your disposal. Think of menus, queues, opening hours and links with existing systems. Make it as extensive as you want. Because VoIP runs over the internet, it is many times cheaper than calling via regular telecom providers. This will save you a lot of money on your phone bill. Have a look at our business telecom solutions. Not only can we provide your business with excellent business phone solutions but we also have a wide range of fast and reliable business broadband solutions.

Also it is important to know that BT will switch off their PSTN and ISDN network in 2025. This means that before 2025 you will need to implement VoIP or a similar phone system so your customers can still contact you. Feel free to contact us today to discuss.

ICT Solutions for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME)

Working in the Cloud

Do you want to have always access to company data? That is working in the Cloud. If your business will start working in the Cloud, your organisation’s data and software will no longer be on a computer, but on (external) secure servers. This means that you and your colleagues can work on documents and data anytime, anywhere, via any device. We would like to list the advantages for you:

  • This saves on IT management, such as installing (often expensive) updates and making backups.
  • You pay per used storage space, so you can scale up or scale back when necessary.
  • Encrypted connections so that your company files are optimally secured. Very useful in the time of information security.
  • Less investment in hardware.

Do you want to know more about working in the Cloud Computing for your business? Call us on 01639 326001 and discover how your company can work even better, safer and cheaper!

Cyber Security & Awareness

Good IT cyber security is vital for your organisation. Cyber crime is on the rise as we have written in several cyber security blogs. Mainly because cyber crime is still very lucrative. It is a growing danger that many companies seem insufficiently aware of. Easy prey are therefore SMEs that have not properly arranged the security of their online environment. It can paralyse your company, sensitive information can be compromised and not to mention damage to your image. Many things that are often missing in SMEs are firewalls, good spam filters and backups of company files. Also there is no password and privacy policy. We understand very well that you prefer to focus on the core activities of your organisation. At Tech-Wales we offer excellent cyber security services and consultancy. We provide cyber essentials (Plus) certificates so you can show everyone you are working secure and all data is well protected.