Sign in to your Microsoft account without a password

It is no longer necessary to set a password for your Microsoft accounts. You can now choose to log into your Microsoft account in a different way, for example via facial recognition or using a code generator. This way you can log in to your Microsoft account without a password.

We have explained before the importance of safely signing into your Microsoft account. If you no longer want to log in to Microsoft services such as OneDrive or Outlook with a password, it has recently been possible to log in in other ways. There are roughly four options.

Microsoft Authenticator App

Download the Authenticator app from Microsoft on your Android smartphone, iPhone or tablet. Open the app and choose Sign in with Microsoft and log in with your username and password. You then have to confirm your identity by means of a code that you will receive on your email address. After you’ve done this, you’ll see your Microsoft account in the Authenticator app. When you tap your account, you’ll see Passwordless enabled. You can now log in on all your devices (including your PC) with this account without having to enter a password.

To test this, go to and enter your email address. Tap Next and you’ll be notified that a login request has been sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app. Go to the app on your mobile or tablet and approve the registration. After that you are immediately logged in.

The registration request is also valid for a limited time. If you do not approve the application in time, you will be given a time-out and you will have to try again.

Facial recognition

It’s also possible to use Windows Hello’s facial recognition feature to sign in to your Microsoft account. To do this, you must first sign in with Windows Hello, which requires a working camera or webcam. In the settings on your PC, go to Accounts login options. Under Face Recognition (Windows Hello) you can enable the option. To sign in to a Microsoft account, click the Sign in with Windows Hello or with a security key option and follow the steps.

Sign in to your Microsoft account without a password

Security key

It is also possible to use a security key to login. Go to this page and sign up. Under Security, select More security options and then Add a new way to sign in or authenticate. Choose Use a security key. Determine what type of key you have (one that works via USB or via NFC) and select Next. You will be redirected to the setup environment where you can insert or type in the key. Create a PIN (or enter an existing PIN if you’ve already created one) and proceed to the next action by touching the button or the gold disc if your key has one. Give your key a name and sign out. The next time you want to sign in to your Microsoft account, choose Sign in with Windows Hello or with a security key again and follow the steps.

Pin code

Another easy way to sign in to your Microsoft account is with a PIN. You may have already set this up to access your PC, but if not, you can go back to Sign-in options in the settings. Under PIN (Windows Hello) you will find the option Set up behind Use a PIN to log in to Windows, apps and services and go through the steps.

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