Office 365 Updates in 2020

Microsoft Office 365 is a very powerful package to support your business and your staff. We all know the well known packages like Word and Excel but Office 365 has developed into a very powerful package which can take care of the daily administration and communication of your business.

There are a lot of very excitement updates coming up for Office 365 in 2020. Tech-Wales gives you an overview of what you can expect in 2020 for your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 Audio Transcription

For Office 365 Word Online there will be an audio transcription feature available early 2020. For desktop and mobile platforms this feature will be available spring 2020. Exact plans and pricing announced closer to the release.

Digital Pen Input for Excel

Microsoft Excel is a well know spreadsheet which can add value to your business. Normally we would use a mouse or keyboard to make spreadsheets however Microsoft is enhancing the functionality of digital pens. Spring 2020 will enable users to be able to write, edit and delete data only using a pen and tablet. This will enable any user more flexibility in terms of device and location.

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Office 365 feature updates in 2020

Add Comments to Office 365 with a Pen or Voice

We all know the Ink Editor which has been a part of Office 365 Word for a while. This feature will let you edit documents in an easy and natural way. MS Office 365 is looking to extend this feature with comments. If your device supports touch and/or microphone you will be able to create ink comments or dictation comments directly from the panel. This enables users who have devices with the required capabilities to complete their tasks using just a tablet, digital pen and a voice.

Whiteboard Templates Updated

Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool for collaboration and now it has new templates for you to use. These include KANBAN sprint planning, SWOT analysis, planning, learning, and much more. With the new additions, you will be able to run more effective meetings while keeping other participants engaged.

End of support for MS Office stand alone versions

If you are using a legacy Office perpetual license then the desktop applications (Outlook, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business) will stop connecting to Office 365 servers after the 13th of October 2020.

After that day users on Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016 will no longer be able to access data from Exchange Online. For Office 2010, 2013. Also MS Office 2016 users and the online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint will no longer let you access, edit, save, or collaborate with your colleagues. The same applies to business versions.

The only exceptions are subscription users as well as users on Office PC/Mac 2019 perpetual and non-Office 365 users on previous Office clients who’re only using on-premises services.

Tech-Wales MS Office 365 Consultancy

At Tech-Wales we are experts in MS Office 365 consultancy. We can set up and modify the Office 365 package so that Office 365 is tailor made and perfect for your organisation. We can also write applications and additional functionality for your Office 365 package. Feel free to contact us to discuss.