How to move your office IT infrastructure

Moving your IT infrastructure to another location can be challenging. It requires careful planning, organisation and a thorough inventory of your technology needs and challenges. Tech-Wales explains how to move your office IT infrastructure.

Evaluation of your current IT infrastructure

Before you begin your IT move, it is important to evaluate your current IT infrastructure. Identify the equipment, servers, network infrastructure and software applications you currently use. Rate their performance, reliability and efficiency. This will help you determine what to keep and which to improve or upgrade.

Objectives and Planning

Set clear objectives for your ICT relocation. For example, do you want to minimise downtime, improve security, increase scalability or optimise overall performance? Once you’ve established your goals, you can create a detailed moving plan. Determine the order of systems to be moved, create a timeline and assign responsibilities to team members to ensure a structured and controlled move.

Infrastructure at the new location

Before you move your IT environment, you must ensure that the new location is suitable for your IT infrastructure. Verify that there is adequate power supply, climate control for server rooms, proper cabling and network infrastructure, and security measures such as fire protection and access control. This will help avoid potential problems and ensure a smooth transition.

Backup and Security

It is extremely important to back up your business data before you begin the move. This ensures that your crucial information is safe and prevents data from being lost in the process. If you’re not already in the Cloud, now might be a good time to make the switch. This way you have your files always and everywhere. Tech-Wales provides excellent cloud computing solutions for your business should you want to switch to the cloud.

Are you already in the Cloud like Microsoft 365? Then no extra actions are involved. Do you use Cloud Enterprise? Then an additional network is required. It is therefore advisable to take a good look at which product you have, so that you have the right insights into what can be involved.

Also implement the necessary security measures, such as encryption, firewalls and advanced access control systems, to protect your data during the move and afterwards.

How to move your office IT infrastructure

Services to take into account during your IT move

There are various services that you should take into account when moving your ICT environment. Here are some key IT services to consider during the moving process.

Network Infrastructure

Make sure the new location has the necessary network equipment, such as routers, switches, and cabling, to support your network connections. Also check that the internet connection is reliable and fast enough to meet your needs.


If you rely on telephone and communications services, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), you must ensure that these services are available in the new location. Plan for telephone line installation and switchboard configuration to ensure uninterrupted communications. Make sure to check our business telecom solutions.

Server Infrastructure

If you have your own servers, you will need to physically move them to the new location. Make sure the new location is suitable for server rooms, with proper temperature and humidity control, power supply, and security systems. Also consider virtualising servers or using cloud-based solutions to reduce reliance on physical servers.

Data storage and backup

Relocation offers an excellent opportunity to evaluate your data storage and backup strategy. Consider using advanced storage systems to improve the availability and security of your data. Make sure you have a solid backup and recovery plan in case unexpected problems arise.

Software Licenses and Configurations

Consider the software you are using and make sure you have the necessary licenses and configurations for the new location. Also verify that software compatibility will not cause issues during the move and if any software updates or reconfigurations are required.


Security is of crucial importance in an ICT relocation. Make sure you implement the right security measures, such as firewalls, endpoint security, authentication systems and physical access restrictions, to protect your systems against unauthorised access and data leaks. Tech-Wales provides excellent business cyber security solutions.

User Communication and Training

Inform your employees about the move in good time and give clear instructions about any changes to their work processes, such as new login details, access rights or software tools. Provide adequate training and support to help them get used to the new ICT environment.

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