The New Microsoft OneDrive – What has changed

Microsoft OneDrive gives you the freedom to access your files and collaborate from anywhere, while taking advantage of Microsoft’s world-class security at the same time.

However in today’s fast-paced work environment, where tasks are constantly changing, we often need something more. We need a faster and easier way to access and share our files. Microsoft has set to work and has made quite a few changes within the OneDrive app.

Microsoft last month announced the new OneDrive experience for work and school, which starts with the improved OneDrive home and file experiences in Microsoft 365. This upgrade offers both visual and functional improvements, specifically designed to help you quickly access your keep files and your content well organised in a variety of ways, without having to organise anything.

With the new features and upgraded design, you get faster access to all your personal, shared, and team files in OneDrive, so you can be more productive. In this article we look at what exactly has changed.

Meet the new OneDrive Home

You may need to find and work with any number of Office documents, PDFs, lists, meeting recordings, videos, and other files. The new OneDrive Home experience reduces the time it takes you to find your files, so you can spend more time on them. The new “For You” section uses AI-powered file recommendations to surface files personalised for you. This puts the most relevant, time-sensitive content at the top of your OneDrive. Microsoft engineers have also added extensive context-based organisation capabilities, such as views that show you recent, shared and favourite files. These views help you quickly get back to the content you were working on. And finally, with inline activity updates, you can see at a glance which files you want to view or jump directly to comments in files you want to cover.

All shared files in one view

OneDrive helps you and your colleagues efficiently and effectively collaborate on files, but sometimes finding shared files can be a challenge. While finding the files you need to work on shouldn’t be stressful. Microsoft solves this challenge with the new Shared, where you can see all the files shared with you in one place. You’ll see them all in this simple view, regardless of where a file was shared, who shared it, and whether it was shared internally or externally. The new Shared experience will roll out this quarter.

The New Microsoft OneDrive - What has changed

View people

Many of us remember the people we work with more than the name of the file we are working on. The new People view organises your files based on the people you work with. Microsoft’s engineers created this context-aware, customisable experience to help you quickly find files you’re working on together. You can pin people to the top of the view for quick access, and activity previews help you stay on top of collaboration without having to open the file. This feature is expected later this year.

Files from all your meetings in one view

We know that searching meeting invites, recordings, and chats isn’t an ideal way to find files. To bring these files to you, we’ve created a Meetings view that displays all the files shared during your meetings as well as your meeting chats, notes, and Loops. You can even see files that will be used in upcoming meetings. This view is organised by upcoming meetings, followed by recent meetings, and shows you all the files shared in your meeting, even the ones you couldn’t attend. We expect to roll out the meeting experience later this year.

Filter by file type

If you prefer to search for files by file type, we’ve got you covered. We’re adding filters that let you zoom in on all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. And once you’ve filtered your view to a particular file type, you can search within that view.

OneDrive in Microsoft Teams

All the innovations mentioned above will also be available in the Files app in Teams. This gives you a consistent and familiar OneDrive experience, whether you’re using OneDrive in your browser or working from within Microsoft Teams. The Files app in Teams makes it easy to discover your recent and shared files, whether they’re from your chats, channels, or meetings. This update will come to Teams around the end of the year.

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