Microsoft 365 apps you did not know about

With a program as powerful as Microsoft 365 you can organise and manage your business more efficiently. The different locations provide connectivity within the company, making communication and workflows a unifying experience. Since Microsoft wanted to build apps that would meet the needs of every user, there might be some features you didn’t know existed. And we’re not here to talk about Word, Excel or PowerPoint. We have found some apps featured in Microsoft 365 that you very likely did not know about.

Microsoft Bookings

This application allows customers to schedule appointments with your employees. Instead of having to email back and forth multiple times, your clients can go online and book a time slot. MS Bookings includes a customisable web page that customers can use to book your company’s services or consultants. You can schedule meetings with your accountants to cover billing and budgeting. Also potential new clients can schedule a meeting with you to learn more about your company and services provided. You can manage appointments via a special diary that easily organises the availability of your employees. MS Bookings contains the client contact details and sends automated reminders to reduce no-shows.

Microsoft Delve

MS Delve is aan application that allows you to manage your Microsoft 365 profile whilst also showing the documents your colleagues are working on. It never changes permissions, so only you can see files you already have access to. Your private documents cannot be viewed by others and remain safe. If you see files that apply to you, go ahead and add them as a favourite or to a specific board so that you can easily return to them. There is also a search bar to find people, documents or certain boards. You can also track the progress of documents your team members complete for your project.

Microsoft 365 apps you did not know about

Microsoft Listings

MS Listing is a pretty self-explanatory feature. While you might be tempted to overlook this app, it can be a powerful tool in a variety of contexts. In MS Listings you can track, inform and visualise work with your team, all in one place. You can create an onboard employee checklist to make sure your member of staff has all the information required. Or if you’re hosting an event, you can use MS Listings to create an event itinerary.

Additional bonuses in the app include the conversion of a list created from an Excel file or you can use other imported documents to track data or progress. You can also create rules to automate processes based on the data you provide, which will notify you if changes have been made. This flexible feature allows SMB owners and employees to become more organised with their work and content.

Microsoft Stream

There are many social media platforms that offer live streaming services, however none compare to Microsoft Stream. Not only can you create a live event, you can also connect to different channels and groups in the program for information and tips. MS Stream is a secure video service that allows you to manage who watches your video content and how widely you want the video to be shared across your company. For organisational purposes, you can post certain videos in channels you have created so that no information is lost

Microsoft Sway

Tired of handing out boring presentations and newsletters? Microsoft Sway is an innovative and completely new way to display your handouts. From proposals to press releases, you can design files and documents that come with unique visuals and transitions to keep your audience engaged and engaged. With ready-made templates available for any theme you need, customising your documents to suit your business is simple and easy to use.

Microsoft Visio

Coming up with content ideas to roll out for your business is one thing, but it’s execution that takes time and money. That’s where Microsoft Visio comes in. You can create various diagrams, such as flowcharts or org charts, to plan your steps for a campaign or create a map for implementing social distancing in the workplace. You can collaborate in real time with other colleagues on different projects to increase productivity and complete projects efficiently.

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