Microsoft Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

You probably won’t have noticed it yet but from April 2020 Microsoft Office 365 has had a name change and is now known as Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s aim is to also offer the 365 subscriptions to consumers and families. This means that business packages and consumer packages are now under one umbrella. This means in reality small changes for large companies, the business market and education. These business or organisation subscriptions were already called Microsoft 365. However some new useful functions have become available since then.

Microsoft 365 Communication Tools

Despite the fact that Skype is still a widely used communication app, Skype will gradually be less and less be the communication tool used by businesses. Instead the use of Microsoft Teams is on the rise and this will continue to grow. MS Teams was first only a business chat and collaboration tool. However MS Teams is developing more and more as the standard application when different members of staff are working from different locations. The current COVID-19 pandemic with a lot of people working from home has certainly given MS Teams a great boost.

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Microsoft 365 new clever help & assist functions

Microsoft 365 subscribers can take advantage of smart assist functions powered by artificial intelligence. For example in MS Word Microsoft 365 will assist you writing text by looking at word repetition and sentence structure. Also MS PowerPoint can help you make better presentations. By doing the presentation out loud in the microphone your presentation can be analysed and advice you if your voice is not too monotonous or if you are speaking too quickly.

In addition the new app Family Safety offers parents the possibility to monitor and possibly limit the screen time of their children.

Tech-Wales Office 365 Consultancy

At Tech-Wales we are experts in integrating MS Office 365 into your organisation. We have great knowledge and experience in Microsoft 365 consultancy. Our experienced and client friendly staff will ensure that MS Office 365 will be smoothly integrated into your organisation and will develop additional features to make sure Office 365 is tailor made to your organisation. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.