Android Security Apps and Tools (part 2)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected from hackers. The most popular security programs are malware packages like Lookout, Norton and AVG. However Android’s built in security in combination with some handy tools can protect your personal and business data. This week part 2 of our Android security apps and tools. Make sure to read part one as well if you missed it.

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Android Device Security

Encrypt your SMS messages

Signal does for SMS and WhatsApp messages what ProtonMail does for e-mails. It came on the market in 2014 and was created by merging TextSecure and RedPhone. This app focuses on privacy, security and encryption. The end-to-end encryption protocol is also used by other chat apps in this list (and WhatsApp since 2016). But Signal (despite the few features) has good privacy and security for each other. Even better Signal is free and does not require to create an account.

Secure web browsing

Surfing the internet without having to start all kinds of special secure settings is quite easy. Firefox Focus is as the name suggests a version of Firefox with a focus on privacy. This version automatically blocks trackers and offers ways to delete passwords and cookies for your security.

Encrypt your files

Android already has several encryption capabilities. However these will apply to the entire Android system. However if you still want to have a real protective layer you can once again encrypt certain files and folders separately.

Solid Explorer is an app that gives you the ability to do exactly that. The app has all the standard file management functions under the hood and also lets you protect files and folders with a password or a fingerprint.

Solid Explorer is two weeks free to try and will after costs about 2 pounds per month. Unmissable if you have sensitive files stored on your Android devices.

This was part two of Tech-Wales blog about internet and security apps. If you are worried about the security of your mobile devices for your business do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. Alternatively have a look at our cyber security services. We can also set up your business with secure mobile devices like tablets and phones enabling you to work frok anywhere. Feel free to have a look at our business IT services and cloud business services.

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