Transfer Data At The Speed Of Light: Make The Most Of Your Cloud Service!

I have just had installed the new BT Infinity II product (which came with BT’s new Home Hub router at home) and am amazed with the difference it makes over my old standard ADSL Broadband! I was only getting a measly 7MB a second before, but now I’m getting61MB a second, that’s almost 9 times faster downloading! Even better, my upload speed before was 0.4MB and is now 17MB – an astronomical 42.5 times quicker!


You are probably thinking, yes ok it’s a lot faster but what does that actually mean? Well, for me, using a cloud service such asMicrosoft Office 365 it means I store documents online and also upload and download files a lot. Now I can store more online andaccess the documents much faster, reaffirming that the move to the cloud was the more efficient option to storing documents, rather than on my pc/laptop!

The BT Home Hub router also allows you to set internet access start and end times on a per device basis, so you have control of your internet usage from your laptop to your iPad…a handy tool to keep your kids/employees in check!

If your interested in Infinity, send an email to with your contact details (phone number and postcode)