Why public cloud is better than internal cloud

The costs of running your own cloud do not weigh up against the advantages of public cloud. In 2018 many more businesses will realise the enormous costs which come with managing their IT structure but also costs of availability, or the lack of it, security and performance. It is getting more and more difficult to ignore the cloud. Managing the day to day business of a company can make blind for inefficiency and the real costs of the IT infrastructure. But 2018 will be the year to make decisions to lower costs and lower operational risks. In this article we will list an overview of the trends for 2018. At Tech-Wales we offer quality cloud computing services for a very competitive price.

Why public cloud is better than internal cloud

Companies will realise that internal clouds are not the answer

In the last few years, several companies have decided to virtualise their data centers to provide easier and faster access to the infrastructure to their developers. That is a good idea and has an important impact on the speed with which developers can work. But companies are beginning to realise that running a hybrid infrastructure is not necessarily cheaper for the company. Even now that developers have faster access to the infrastructure, other costs remain. For example, the virtualised infrastructure can lead to centralization. In the event of a failure of the infrastructure, multiple services and applications are affected.

Companies realise that it is difficult to get rid of the old structure

Organisations will often start projects to modernise their IT infrastructure hoping to migrate their most important services from the old to the new infrastructure. They also aim to get rid of the old infrastructure. These migrations are often very costly and sometimes cannot be migrated from the old infrastructure. This means that some services will remain on the old infrastructure causing more defragmentation. Defragmentation will also mean more costs.

Companies realise that app-developers are disadvantaged when using internal clouds

Companies will realise that it is difficult to keep running an internal cloud at a high quality. That is because companies do not have the economies of scale which public cloud providers have got. This also means that the quality of the public cloud, especially in security, performance and availability is much better due to this economies of scale. This causes apps and software on the internal cloud to be of less quality than when the apps are developed on the public cloud. Developers working on apps and software on the internal cloud will have to wait much longer to have equal features and possibilities than when developing on the public cloud.

Companies realise that public clouds are the right strategic choice

When companies will get a good insight in the costs of their own IT infrastructure and the costs of not using public clouds, they will realise that moving at least some of their IT to the public cloud makes sense for financial and operational purposes. With options like encryption and disaster recovery it is very difficult to immitate a public cloud environment within the organisation.

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