A cloud based IT infrastructure should be standard

The COVID-19 crisis made it painfully clear to many organisations that if the cloud is not integrated in your IT infrastructure having employees work remotely is nearly impossible. This will be a growing problem now that it is very likely that working from home is going to play a lasting role in our economy. Let the COVID-19 crisis be a wake up call for your business.

Do you want to enable employees to work from any location in a safe manner whilst you are in control and aware of information flows? Then it is important to integrate the cloud in your IT infrastructure.

The COVID-19 crisis has proven that working from home does not endanger your business. As an added bonus employees in general are also enjoying the benefits of working from home. It is therefore time to embrace technological possibilities. As an organisation you are not only prepared for unexpected situations but you also increase motivation, satisfaction and productivity. By correctly implementing cloud-based working employees no longer have to come to the office for updates or security checks. Working location independent offers an enormous amount of flexibility which you cannot offer with on-premise IT solutions.

Improved security with the cloud

Besides increased productivity cloud-based working also offers security. Security is a essential for a safe transition to an economy in which remote working is the standard. Updating on-premise solutions, especially upgrading, happens considerably less often than cloud-based solutions. An entire upgrade project is often required once or twice a year, which also causes user downtime. In the cloud however after setting an update policy, you no longer have to worry about upgrades.

Cloud-based working thus enables you to protect home workers in the same way as when they are in the office and also ensures that you maintain a centralised insight and control. The cloud will allow your employees to work safely from home at any time.

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A cloud based IT infrastructure should be standard


Easy scaling up with the cloud

With the cloud you can easily scale up if the situation demands it. The roll out of tens of thousands of endpoints can technically be arranged within one day with cloud-based work. The question is however if organisations themselves are ready for this. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic this was not the case for companies that did not work in the cloud.

To make working from home possible some companies even opted to open up systems to users who connect via private equipment. Employees also often look for ways to work from home (read: the use of personal devices without adequate security or secure connections) if an organisation falls short in this regard. This naturally involves enormous security risks which can be prevented if secure cloud-based working is the standard.

Tech-Wales cloud computing services

As you can see it is vital that your organisation has an IT infrastructure which is at least partly cloud based to give your employees flexibility. Although the need for cloud based working was made clear during the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to always have this kind of flexibility in your organisation. At Tech-Wales we offer professional and reliable cloud computing services for your business. We also proud ourselves in offering excellent customer services. Contact us today to transform your business flexibility and start working from the cloud or increase and improve your current cloud based IT infrastructure.