Microsoft Azure – Affordable IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for companies, organisations and individuals. It is not just a cloud service to store data and files but it can provide a whole IT infrastructure in the cloud for your organisation. In this article we will explain the advantages of Microsoft Azure compared to a traditional hardware IT infrastructure. If you would like to know more about what cloud computing services and our Microsoft Azure Consultancy can do for your business organisation do not hesitate to contact us on 01639 326001.

Microsoft Azure - Affordable IT Infrastructure & Seasonal IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure Cloud – Low cost IT Infrastructure

Normally businesses would have their own IT infrastructure. This means having your own server and hardware physically being in a building. If more capacity is required it basically means that new hardware will have to be purchased and also installed and integrated with the current system. This sort of IT structure requires a large investment to set up but also large costs to upgrade the system. And if for some reason an increase in capacity is only temporary the investment will never be earned back.

Microsoft Azure cloud works in a different way. You pay a fee for access to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing services. This means no major investment is required for a large IT infrastructure. You just pay for what capacity is required. Basically your whole or a part of it can be hosted in the cloud. When a larger capacity IT infrastructure is required you do not have to purchase any more hardware but just pay an additional fee. It also means you can start or upgrade your IT infrastructure fast as it is already in place which saves considerable time.

Microsoft Azure Cloud – Temporary IT Infrastructure

Another advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services is that you can set up a temporary IT infrastructure without heavy investment and purchasing hardware which at some point will be surplus to requirements. If you have a seasonal or temporary requirement for an IT infrastructure Microsoft Azure is ideal for setting this up. Again no large upfront costs and you only pay for what is required. Even when you already have a traditional internal IT structure it will be very cost effective to host any temporary requirements or additional capacity on Microsoft Azure. It is even a possibility to start migrating all of your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud.

Start saving money today on your IT infrastructure today and call Tech-Wales on 01639 326001. We can help you set up a temporary or permanent (additional) IT infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. We are also experts in migrating your traditional IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud.