What to expect of Windows 11 in 2023

Windows 11 has had a couple of minor and major updates in 2022. The biggest update was the recent 22H2 update. The updates has made Windows 11 system stronger than when it was first rolled out. Windows 11 is finally worth upgrading to. But what can we expect of Windows 11 in 2023?

Not much information is available about future updates of Windows in 2023, however it is very likely we will see another year of incremental improvements as Microsoft continues to make its operating system work seamlessly on both PC and mobile devices. Windows users can at least rest expect that they’re likely to have an overall better experience in 2023.

No more annual Windows 11 updates

Windows 11 22H2 was the last major Windows 11 update. Microsoft is returning to a more traditional three-year release cycle for major versions of Windows, with frequent minor updates to existing packages between major releases.

Launched a month after 22H2, Moment 1 introduced features such as tabbed File Explorer, taskbar overflow, support for Android apps, Amazon App Store, iCloud photos in the Photos app and more.

As for the frequency of smaller updates called Moments, Microsoft will reportedly release no more than four per year.¬†Given that the next major Windows update won’t be until 2024, it’s not unreasonable to assume that this update could be Windows 12.

What to expect of Windows 11 in 2023

What new features are to be expected?

So what can we expect in Moments updates? Nothing has been announced but some reports give hints of what to expect.

The 23H2 update (or the Sun Valley 3 update) is no longer happening as a standalone update, the features will be launched as Moments throughout the year.

Windows 11 will become even more touch-friendly. This part isn’t too surprising given how well Windows 11 works on touchscreens like the one on the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. A dedicated tablet UI could be introduced in 2023.

Android apps were finally introduced to Windows 11 last year and it looks like this partnership will continue into 2023. An upcoming Windows update will improve communication between Windows and Android. The current Phone Link app (formerly Your Phone) allows users to link their phones and PC, but it looks like this functionality will improve in 2023.

Windows 11 will be further optimised to work on Windows foldable devices. Devices like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 2022 could work even better, though it remains to be seen in what capacity.

Other potential features coming to Windows 11 in 2023 include a system-wide dark mode and an option for app folders on the desktop.

Windows 11 in 2023

We don’t have too much information about Windows 11 in 2023, but what little we know is certainly intriguing.

Going back to a three-year cycle for major updates is certainly a big deal. This was how Windows updates were released before Windows 10. However getting Moments every few months should still keep the best computers and best Windows laptops up to date with the latest features. And while substantial updates may be infrequent, we’re sure Windows will hand out security updates when needed.

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