What is Microsoft Office OneNote and How To Use It

Microsoft OneNote is actually a digital notepad but with smart extras. You can of course take notes and write down ideas. In addition you can also insert images, videos, documents, emails and audio files. In this blog you can read what Microsoft OneNote exactly is and how to use it. We will also explain what the difference is with MS Word, why you should use it and in which Office licenses this program appears.

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is an application for note-taking and information management. Users can save text and images in free-form documents that can be kept private or shared with others. Notes are organised into separate digital notebooks, sections and pages. Multiple notebooks can be created to display different topics or projects, such as two notebooks to separate work and personal notes.

What are the benefits of Microsoft OneNote?

MS OneNote enables real-time collaboration

A OneNote file can be shared with other people to enable a real-time collaborative workbook. Notebooks can be shared for viewing or editing, and since MS OneNote automatically saves as you work, multiple users can work together at the same time.
It’s not uncommon for accidents to happen when multiple users edit the same file. OneNote has this covered. The history tab allows you to view previous revisions to track changes and restore file versions.

MS OneNote secures sensitive information

Like any program that stores information, notebook software needs security measures to ensure that only those who should have access have it. OneNote has the functionality to password protect individual sections and secure information through the 3DES encryption standard.
Also if OneNote remains inactive for a period of time, your information will automatically lock password-protected sections to ensure they remain private.

You can support your notes with multimedia

In addition to the ability to enter text (processed or handwritten), images, and other media types, MS OneNote lets you record audio and video directly into your notebook. This is perfect for documenting meetings and sharing them with colleagues.
OneNote can also recognise spoken words, so you can search through recordings to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can use OneNote to capture ideas and information on the go

Microsoft OneNote is designed for use on any device and is available on all major operating systems, including iOS and Android. So, by syncing OneDrive notebooks across multiple devices, users can access all their notes and create new ones whether they’re in the office or on the road.
Just like a word processor, text, tables, images and links can be added to the application. If you use a touch-enabled device, you can also write or draw directly into the system. MS OneNote can even scan your handwritten text and convert it into typed text.

What is Microsoft Office OneNote and How To Use It

Microsoft OneNote vs. Microsoft Word

MS OneNote is mainly used as a note-taking application, while Microsoft Word is designed for those who need to create different types of content – from letters to manuscripts.
Microsoft Word provides all the tools needed to create one document of any length, while using OneNote as a platform to collaborate ideas. MS OneNote allows users to take notes and pin inspiration, such as videos, articles, images, and music.

Why is Microsoft OneNote ideal for businesses?

MS OneNote makes it easier for businesses to focus on getting work done, instead of spending a lot of time planning how the work will be done. The main benefits are:

  • Your team has quick access to their relevant planning information
  • Colleagues can see each other’s ideas, enabling efficient collaboration
  • Teammates can add information to and access shared documents wherever they are
  • It is the optimal platform to combine a range of media types
  • Any confidential business material is properly protected

Which Microsoft Office licenses does OneNote come in?

MS OneNote is not available as a stand-alone product, but as part of the Microsoft Office package. MS OneNote, is available in every MS Office package.

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