Myths about IT infrastructure

There are many myths circulating about IT infrastructure. Many of the misconceptions are conceived and fed by organisations trying to sell you something. It’s high time to deal with these myths once and for all.

We are currently going through an infrastructure transformation. Vendors promise easy, scalable, fully available and flawless modern infrastructure. The more restless the market, the more desperate these sales pitches sound. It is good to know fact from fiction when it comes to your business IT infrastructure.

IT Myth 1 – The cloud is in one place

The cloud is developing fast to be a major component in every business IT infrastructure. Proponents and opponents have endless discussions about speed, costs, safety and so on. In most cases, the infrastructure of the cloud is different from that of a traditional data center. The new normal is that you have some workloads running in the cloud, some in your own data centre. Most business these days use hybrid cloud which could mean they use different cloud providers.

IT Myth 2 – Build your own infrastructure

It is most recommended you do not do this yourself especially as a start-up business. You used to buy servers, storage capacity and network connections from different suppliers. That is no longer necessary. You can now buy a ready-made infrastructure, for example by going to the public cloud. Even if you want to use traditional infrastructure on-premise, you don’t have to build it. There are various types of infrastructure: traditional, converged, hyperconverged, dedicated. New is the distributed cloud in which the native public cloud services can run on all possible data centers.

Myths about IT infrastructure

IT Myth 3 – Infrastructure automation saves money

Many companies want to automate the I/O processes to reduce costs. Automation shifts labour more often than it eliminates it. You automate to improve the infrastructure, not to make it cheaper. By adding value you achieve efficiency benefits and productivity improvements. Only then, in the third phase, will you see actual cost reduction.

IT Myth 4 – Infrastructure can operate autonomously

Vendors talk a lot about autonomous infrastructure however all the hype around AI operations and machine learning is pretty inflated. Autonomous infrastructures are even theoretically unfeasible with current technologies. AI or machine learning support decision making. It is indeed possible to make the infrastructure more intelligent. AI is ultimately statistical analysis with a certain margin of error.

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