Security tips to safely use your smartphone

Smartphones are an essential part of your business. They are being used on a daily basis not only to communicate but also to view sensitive documents and data whilst on the road. It is important to keep your business data safe and to use your mobile phone safely. We give you some security tips to use mobile phones in a safe way and protect your sensitive information.

Ensure all mobiles have the latest updates installed

Every smartphone offers software updates at regular intervals. Make sure that these updates are done as soon as possible or even better that all devices in your business are automatically updated. Software updates will fix important security vulnerabilities. When your mobiles have the latest software version installed then you know that your protected against the most recent threats.

Enable back-ups

Preventing is better than a cure however if your phone is hacked or infected with a virus you need to be able to get your data and contacts back. If you have regularly made a backup your data is safe and easy to re-install. You won’t lose all kinds of important files and you will be back up and running fairly quickly. Android and Apple phones have built-in backup options. For example, you can make a backup to your Google Drive with Android phones and make a backup to your iCloud with your iPhone.

Use unique passwords and MFA

Use unique passwords and security codes to use the different applications on your phone (mail, Facebook etc.). Also make sure your device is protected by a security code. Or even better, use your fingerprint or facial recognition as multi-factor authentication. Biometric verification or multi factor authorisation is much more difficult to circumvent since the hacker does not have your unique fingerprint. Read more about multi-factor authentication and secure passwords on our page.

Security tips to safely use your smartphone

Know what apps got access to data

You have probably installed an application and received a message that the app wants to access certain personal data. Think of your location, your photos or your social media profile. It is possible that the provider of the software uses it for different purposes than you expect. So never give away data just like that and pay close attention to which apps give you access to what.

Be careful with public Wi-Fi

Most holiday destinations, restaurants and cafe’s often have public Wi-Fi networks that you can use. More often than not these are not secured according to a high standard and malicious parties can infect your device. Hackers can also spread malware via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. If your settings allow file sharing over a network this could be a major security risk. The hacker can then easily install infected software on your mobile.

Safely use mobile devices with Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) you can easily manage and secure all devices within the organisation. A secure smartphone prevents sensitive business and private files from falling into the wrong hands. Mobile device management brings great possibilities, such as separating private and business data. Rolling out the security updates previously mentioned but also removing or locking a device in the event of loss or theft.

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