IT and Security Trends for 2023

What will be the IT and security trends for 2023. Hybrid working has been a trending topic for years, ever since COVID. With hybrid working comes working in the Cloud and good ICT security. We will give you an overview of the latest trends in ICT and security for 2023.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working has been very popular for more than two years now. Hybrid working has become an integral part of our society. Due to the pandemic, many people have started flexible working, including SMEs. Not only the way of working has changed, but also the way of communicating within clients and colleagues has changed.

An important question here is, how do you approach this as a company? What works well for employees and how do they stay engaged despite the distance? Handy tools for working and communicating well together, including remotely, are Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. With these tools you can access your documents anytime, anywhere and share them with your colleagues.

Working in the Cloud

The cloud is one of the most important ICT trends of 2023. ICT environments must be flexible so that changes can be implemented quickly. Many entrepreneurs see Cloud computing as an ICT solution to meet the basic needs of the company, while it can be implemented with the aim of growth or innovation. Cloud services are often not seen as a business solution, but as an ICT solution. Companies are increasingly using cloud services to optimise internal processes such as document management, financial administration and data management. By using cloud solutions your documents are available from any location which improves hybrid working.

ICT Security

It still happens that companies fall victim to cyber criminals. In the past 5 years, the number of hacks and cyber attacks has even tripled. They cause billions of pounds in damage. Unfortunately, the number of cyber attacks is only expected to increase in the coming years. Despite the fact that organisations know that cyber threats is a major risk, for many organisations it is not yet part of their strategy.

Many companies have vulnerabilities in their systems, applications and servers. For example the combination of password and email address. Because these are often easy to find out, it makes it easy for criminals to log in. Employee mobile devices are also easy targets. And because of hybrid working, employees must have a decent basic knowledge of security even more than before in order to prevent these hacks. In our cyber security blogs and specifically tips for safe hybrid working you can read what you can do to protect yourself and your organisation.

IT and Security Trends for 2023

ICT Integration with telecom

Without the current level of ICT available for your business, many entrepreneurs have indicated that they would not have survived the pandemic. For example the integration of business telecom and ICT. More and more companies want one platform for calling, meeting, video and file sharing. These must be integrated into the most important business processes. More and more SMEs are therefore switching to an all-in platform.

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