Working more efficiently with Microsoft MyAnalytics

Our way of working is changing. This means that businesses are developing new ways to improve the productivity of their employees. But what is the best way to improve productivity? One of the possibilities is Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft MyAnalytics helps employees and employers to gain better insight into how they spend their time and how they can work more efficiently with small adjustments. Micrsoft MyAnalytics lets your business work more efficiently using Artificial Intelligence.

Gain insight into the time spent on appointments and email

Microsoft MyAnalytics uses data from Outlook emails and calendar appointments to provide personalised productivity insights. You will receive suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence to help you work more efficiently. By understanding how you spend your time, you can more efficiently allocate time for focus time, meetings, tasks, and email tracking without overloading your calendar.

Get rid of inefficient agreements

You probably recognise it, the fact that one appointment influences your entire working day. The result; stress, pressure and rushing. This will make you loose your focus and your effectiveness. Microsoft MyAnalytics flags appointments in your calendar that are inefficient and suggests an alternative. This way you prevent inefficient agreements.

Make time for what really matters

Microsoft Analytics provides individual insight to free up and keep time for what really matters. For example, they advise to keep at least two consecutive hours free without appointments in order to increase productivity. Each week you will receive insights into whether you have met these quotas and how you could possibly organise this more efficiently. This way you reserve time to do what really matters and get more done.

Working more efficiently with Microsoft MyAnalytics

Protect your personal leisure

In this digital age, we increasingly take our work with us in the form of our smartphone or laptop that we also use at home. Microsoft MyAnalytics keeps track of how much time you and your colleagues spend on email and appointments outside of work hours. You can set certain quotas which are acceptable. If you exceed these quotas, you will see this in your weekly reporting.

Get more insight into sent e-mail messages

We have all experienced this, you send an e-mail to several people and only a few respond. The Microsoft MyAnalytics add-in gives you insight into how many people have read, replied to or forwarded your email. You also gain insight into how much of the content they have actually read or whether they just opened the message as quickly. This way you know where any bottlenecks are with certain projects and how you can promote productivity and progress.

Personal progress vs. company average

You can track your personal progress in the Microsoft MyAnalytics dashboard. With these insights, you get an indication of how you spent your time that week and what your average is over a longer period. Every week you can set new goals in how many hours per week you want to spend on what or how much time you don’t want to spend on work outside office hours. You can compare this data with the company average. This data is of course well protected and your personal information is not visible to colleagues or third parties.

Tech-Wales – Implementing Microsoft MyAnalytics

At Tech-Wales we are experts in MS Office 365 consultancy. We can provide you with you with essential support and advice when you want to set up Microsoft MyAnalytics for your business. Combined with our excellent business IT support and Business IT Consultancy Services we can provide your organisation with the complete package. Feel free to contact us to discuss.