What are the new features in Windows 11

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its operating system called Windows 11. Windows 11 is a fresh experience on your PC, according to Microsoft. In this article we will explain to you the most important new features in Windows 11.

When will Windows 11 be released?

This week Microsoft released a first preview version of Windows 11, allowing developers and enthusiasts to try out the new operating system. The final version of the operating system will be available from next year (Microsoft initially indicated that the operating system would be released at the end of 2021).

Do you have to pay for the upgrade to Windows 11?

The upgrade to Windows 11 is free if you have a Windows 10 computer. However, your computer will have to meet the minimum system requirements, which are considerably higher than with Windows 10. If you have an older computer, you will probably have to keep using Windows 10.

At this point, it seems that your computer must have at least a processor released in 2017 (or later).

Windows 11 new design with new menu bar

Windows 11 brings big changes in design. First of all, the start menu is now at the bottom centre of the screen, with Microsoft taking a good look at Apple’s MacOS and Google’s Chrome OS. You can also put the start menu back in the ‘old-fashioned’ corner in the bottom left corner. The opened start menu is a lot wider than you are used to in the current Windows.

Microsoft has also exchanged the straight corners for a rounded variant, windows are slightly transparent and all icons have had a lick of paint.

New features in Windows 11

Window management in Windows 11

By default, in Windows 10 you have the option to split your screen in half, so that you can use two windows side by side. However for the some users, this is not enough, so you start looking for alternatives. There is window management software available for Windows 10.

In Windows 11 this functionality is built in as standard and you also get more options. This allows you to easily display more than three windows on one screen. Windows 11 will remember the layout. If you click on an incoming e-mail, you can then conjure up the three apps you used before with one click on your screen. If you reconnect an external screen to your laptop, you can pick up right where you left.

As an extension of window management, you can also get back to work with virtual desktops in Windows 11. A new feature here is that every desktop can be personalised. You can set up a specific virtual desktop for work with its own theme and background where you also only see work-related apps.

Android apps on Windows 11

In Windows 11, you can use Android apps on your computer. This allows you, to use Twitter or TikTok or one of thousands of games as an app on your computer.

This announcement does not mean that Google’s Play Store will appear on Windows. The Android apps on Windows 11 are offered via the Amazon App Store, which will soon be available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Teams as standard in Windows 11

Because we have been working from home a lot more since 2020, video calling is extremely important. Microsoft is responding to this by integrating Microsoft Teams into Windows 11. This allows you to open a chat or video call with colleagues, but also with friends and family directly from the taskbar. Since May 2021, Microsoft Teams is also available for personal use.

Widgets in Windows 11

Finally, Windows 11 also has a screen full of widgets that are completely personalised. This allows you to see the latest news, weather, traffic, your agenda, the latest stock markets and photos at a glance.

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