Check if your Business IT is ready for the future

You probably already know how important IT is for your business. However due to fast developments it is just as important to check if your IT structure is future proof. We provide you with some tips to check if your business IT is ready for the future.

The ease of use

Business IT must serve people and not the other way around. The easier employees can work, the more time they have to develop themselves. Sometimes it turns out that team work has been made too complex for employees. At Tech-Wales we provide Microsoft 365 consultancy to make MS 365 work for your business.

The customer experience

You need satisfied customers for a secure future. You need to examine the way in which you communicate with customers and whether they are satisfied. Future-proof IT ensures that contact and exchange is possible at any time and that answers are given on time. With Power Apps and Power Automate combined with BI we can set up a strong customer support network for your business.

The ability to scale

This is mainly about flexibility. When employees increase or decrease, digital solutions are quickly and easily available. The associated costs also often increase proportionally. In outdated IT environments you sometimes see the rigidity, for example with long-term contracts. Moreover, people often pay for IT functionalities that have not been used for quite some time or are up-to-date. Make sure your business is flexible by using our cloud computing solutions.

Check if your Business IT is ready for the future

The IT security

Future-proof IT also ensures that something is done preventively against cyber attacks. Not afterwards when it is already too late. Business and private use can also be separated more easily. We can make sure your business IT is safe and secure with our cyber security services and can even get you verified with Cyber Essentials Plus.

Availability of data and its smart handling

The use of data will only get more important in the future. That is why future-proof means that data is stored as uniquely as possible, with no duplication. This prevents unnecessary costs of data storage but also makes sure you can better use your data for future strategies for your organisation.

Management and maintenance

Future-proof IT takes much of the IT structure maintenance off your hands. The provider or supplier provides timely and smart updates. This means that colleagues always work with the most recently released functionalities. In fact, it is what has been happening for quite some time within all kinds of SaaS applications. Tech-Wales can save you time and money by looking after your IT structure with a range of Managed IT Services.

Automated Routine

Finally, a point that certainly has to do with the future, but especially with current events. Many companies are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified employees. This means that more needs to be done with the same number of staff By automating repetitive or routine actions. Consider the automatic sending of triggers or the automatic storage of email messages in the correct customer file. This does not require human intervention and ensures extra productivity and ease of use. With our Automation and Process Management Services we have the perfect solution for you.

Tech-Wales for your future proof Business IT

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